We woke early this morning to hit some antique and pawn shops for one of Mark's design projects. Apparently we woke a little TOO early, since everything in Edmonton doesn't open until 10...We killed a little time taking portraits in the river valley, and rounded off our wait time in Remedy Cafe sipping on London Fog's and Green Tea Lattes.

DSC_1975DSC_1981 It was too bad that we were in a bit of a rush this morning, because we found a RAD antique mall that we had never been to before; as soon as Mark gets some time away from school we are for sure going to head back there and spend hours browsing!! I am absolutely enthralled with antique malls like this one, and have such a fascination with the assortment of treasures that you can find!

DSC_2000DSC_2004 We made a REALLY quick pit-stop at Value Village, but since we were on a "school mission" I only managed to snag one item while Mark was doing a quick browse....I may or may not have added another flannel to my collection...these bad boys are taking up more space in my closet than I care to admit......I regret nothing.

DSC_2009 Lastly, we spent a few minutes browsing some LPs before Mark had to be dropped of a school, and picked up two super chill records that will be SO nice to throw on during these chilly fall evenings. That Bon Iver album reminds me of so many days, moments, and feelings, and I'm always welcomed to reminisce whenever it's turned on.

DSC_2017 P.S Mark has been working feverishly on the piece below for his printmaking class; he's already made some traditional paper prints and is now working on this wordcut print. I watch him work away at this and am not only blown away at the process of Woodcut Printmaking, but also at his dedication to his assignments. I'm thinking that it would be really cool to photograph the entire printmaking process, and just might have to get into the shop at the University to capture all the steps it takes to complete a print!