Dwelling Place - 02

Blog_Intro If you're into all things fashion, lifestyle, and DIY, then you've undoubtedly already came across Treasures & Travels' blog (if you aren't already a dedicated reader). Treasures & Travels is a lifestyle blog based out of White Rock, BC, and is comprised of 3 incredibly unique, and creative girls: Tegan, Lindsay & Bethany. While in Vancouver this past month, I decided to try contacting the girls to see if they'd be interested in being a part of my "Dwelling Place" series here on the blog; and luckily, all of the timing worked out perfectly, and I had the rad opportunity of being able to photograph them in their own creative and comfortable haven.

kaihla_tonai_alberta_indie_wedding_photographer_0110kaihla_tonai_alberta_indie_wedding_photographer_0116 From the minute you step into their creative space, it's obvious that the space reflects their own personal styles and tastes; bursting with DIYs from the blog and flooded with natural light, their studio space is the perfect place to work on all things T&T. Interested in how they took the original studio space and transformed it into their own personal dwelling place?? Check out their mini studio tour HERE. And of course, if you want to see all the DIY projects that they've shared in the past on their blog, you can find those HERE :)

kaihla_tonai_alberta_indie_wedding_photographer_0112kaihla_tonai_alberta_indie_wedding_photographer_0115kaihla_tonai_alberta_indie_wedding_photographer_0114 "The studio space is so perfect for us firstly because of all the blank space. White walls, and natural light make it so much easier for us to get the photos we need for the blog. We have added these reclaimed wood tables, eames chairs, and a vintage couch that represent all of our taste and make us love the environment we're in. The fact that it is practically a cabin in the woods makes it feel so magical on nice days when we open up the doors and windows and just let the sunshine (and spiders...) flood in."

kaihla_tonai_alberta_indie_wedding_photographer_0119kaihla_tonai_alberta_indie_wedding_photographer_0121 Tegan -- "For me my ideal place is somewhere beautiful, outside. Either a beach or the forest, a place where i can be still, clear my head, free from distraction; Either alone or with my husband Dan, it's always so nice to get away, relax and get our priorities in line and make plans and just talk about life. I love being reminded of how small I am and how beautiful creation is and yet I'm still so cared for and looked after."

kaihla_tonai_alberta_indie_wedding_photographer_0122kaihla_tonai_alberta_indie_wedding_photographer_0124 Lindsay -- "There are two places that I go that are always uplifting and inspiring. The first place is my bedroom. It is so important for me to have a space that is completely my own. My walls are usually flooded with things that make my heart happy, whether it is photos of my friends and family, or sentimental trinkets and artwork. Anytime I need to feel inspired, I usually go in my room and play through some music or look through old photos/journals and keepsakes. I am a very sentimental person so I just love spending time in my room and going through old things. Sometimes I get so busy I forget to just be still. It is so so important to take time and stop, slow down.. look around and take a good look at yourself and the people around you. The other place I love to go is the beach. I love to take walks on the beach if I am feeling confused or anxious about a situation, that is the first place I run to. There is something about the openness of the waters to make you feel small, and it helps me put my thoughts into perspective." kaihla_tonai_alberta_indie_wedding_photographer_0127kaihla_tonai_alberta_indie_wedding_photographer_0130 Bethany -- "The beach was always my place. I would go walk down with Sid (my dog) and sit on the sand with my bible. It just gave me the space to breathe, recollect myself, and come back my best self. Lately, since having Poppy. It's those moments when we're just laying on the bed together; Me, David, Poppy, and Sid. I realize that there is no where else in the world I would rather be and the calmness just overwhelms me with a feeling of content and makes me so thankful for what I have."


I cannot thank you ladies enough for allowing Mark & I to come over to check out your studio space! The power of social media when it comes to connecting with creatives all around the world is so incredibly fascinating, and I'm so happy that you three & your personal dwelling places got to be a part of this series!

kaihla_tonai_alberta_indie_wedding_photographer_0133kaihla_tonai_alberta_indie_wedding_photographer_0135 Share the love with T&T's below by leaving them a comment down below or by heading over and checking out their BLOG; their doing an entire month on BREAKFAST, so definitely check that out if you're wanting yummy recipe inspirations! You can also find the girls on Instagram (@treasuresandtravels) or over on Facebook & Pinterest :)