Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Despite getting lots done today in terms of business and just life in general, my week already feels like it's a bit off kilter. Seeing as we got back from a personal long weekend in Cold Lake last night (Monday), I've been mentally into the idea that last night was Sunday, and today was Monday. Either way, my days are feeling slightly off, which makes getting down to business these next few days seems hard (and not to mention the fact that this week feels super short!!) While I was out running a few personal errands this morning/afternoon (hurray for coming home to a super empty fridge....hehe), I FINALLY took the chance to swing by Our Daily Brett. I hadn't eaten anything since breakfast, and had a pretty good idea by the three big words outside of their shop, that I'd find some pretty good eats inside. MMMM. I cannot even begin to explain how tasty this quick + affordable to-go meal was; granted, I was starving when I ate it, so I'm sure that didn't hinder the experience, but nevertheless it was YUMMY. Aside from having in-house made sandwiches and coffee etc, they also have a good selection of bulk salads that you can choose from and order by weight, as well as some added protein (I think I had some sort of pesto (?) chicken) to top it all off. You can't see too much of my salad under all of that chicken, but it was filled with kale, dried berries, cucumber, and apple slices! p.s does anyone else suck at making kale taste good when you prepare it yourself?....any tips on that, because I must be doing it wrong... Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

I'm hoping with every part of my being that July slows itself down a little bit. Mark and I have been preoccupied making some insanely exciting life decisions over this last week, so all of that mixed in with our routinely already-busy schedules has made for a slightly hectic start to the month, but I'm so eager to see everything that July has in store for us! In the hopes of being able to give myself the mental time and space to be able to visually record all of these things--big or small--that are happening for us this summer, I want to start doing daily updates/entries with just one or two iPhone shots that I've taken throughout the day. I'm still going to be sticking to my regular blogging schedule of posting 4 times per week, simply with the addition of these journal entries (hopefully!) everyday as well. **I'm not going to be sharing these links on social media though just so that it doesn't get overwhelming, so if you do feel like reading this slow-paced daily recaps, feel free to meander over here whenever you remember to :)