VANESSA - Free Spirit Retreat

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"The word worthiness, I guess, is new to me this year because I started reading Brene Brown; I’m obsessed. Worthiness - I would have never used that word before to describe my feelings around self-esteem and struggles with confidence, so it was kind of nice to name it and then also great to talk about it at the retreat! I can apply worthiness to many areas of my life, like my business; knowing that I’m worthy of having a successful business and of making it as big or as small as I want is so important to me. I struggle with worthiness, just like everyone else does – but I think I’m making progress. People who don’t feel worthy don’t sign up for retreats in the forest! I must feel worthy in some ways, or I wouldn’t have showed up.


Were you scared to come to the retreat? Well… yes and no. I mean, I tend to sign myself up for things that are outside of my comfort zone, so I wasn’t scared per se... I knew it would be like this vulnerable, open-hearted weekend, and I was prepared for that. I was more nervous about being able to connect with the amazing women who would be attending, and feeling a bit intimidated – but then I said to myself, if you make friends that’s great, but you’re ultimately doing this for yourself; there’s really nothing to lose.

What gave you the courage to show up anyway? I think I just knew it would help me grow as a person; I was at the right place mentally to sign up for it because I was already digging in deeper on my own. The desire to always be looking for ways to improve myself, is what gave me the courage to show up – so that I can show up as the best version of myself in all areas of my life.