Guest Wedding Vendor {Rhosyn Floral} — The Barefoot Bride

I met Erica last summer through a mutual friend while we were choosing a few models to incorporate into a styled session that you might remember. She's ALSO making my very own bridal bouquet for our upcoming wedding this Saturday!! She's a stunning wife, a mamma to two of the cutest twins, and most recently, the visionary behind Rhosyn Floral. Rhosyn creates the most incredibly curated gift boxes using local items and florals, so if you're ever looking for a unique gift or need to get your hands on fresh flowers or a bridal bouquet, definitely take a peek at her website + instagram. 1

Today Erica's going to walk you through the process of choosing flowers + creating your own Boho Bouquet. As always, if you have any questions about the process or anything that Erica explains, feel free to leave those down in the comment section below and we'll help you out however we can!


"The beautiful part of being a bohemian bride is there is no rules when it come to the flowers, foliage or any natural items you want to be a part of your bouquet. I like to bring in natural elements like wild flowers, whispy tumbleweeds, berries, and dried wheat + grasses. So, keep an eye out for unique things such as these on your next nature walk.


First thing you want to think about is a colour palette (or a complete array of colours!) you are wanting to work with.  There are three main components to making a bouquet:  1) Feature Flowers
2) Accent Flowers 
3) Foliage
For this bouquet, I chose garden roses, roses and dahlias for our feature flowers. Next, the accent flowers are what fill out the bouquet and tie everything together. This is where you can add in uncommon items like berries or anything whispy that will give your bouquet it's unconventional shape. Foliage is very important to complete the look. You can add as little or as much as you please, but I do recommend having some. For this look I chose, seeded eucalyptus, asparagus pulmosa and eryngium. A simple twine wrap to tie everything together is all you need. There are also some beautiful natural, raw looking ribbons that add that little extra touch.


Just remember that the flowers in your bouquet do not need to be perfectly placed or in a round symmetrical ball. Floral is naturally untamed and wild- try and capture that!
much love x Erica Gosling"

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