Wander With Us - Anniversary Day Trip to Jasper

Saturday night, we made the spontaneous decision to pack up our camera gear and head to the mountains; not only was it a great way to celebrate Mark being done his third year of Industrial Design at the U of A, but it was also the most fitting way we could think of to celebrate our 4 year anniversary. Both of us were ready to escape the chaos, if only for 12 hours, PLUS we needed a great excuse for Mark to test out his brand new camera ;) As always, we awoke before the sun, grabbed our go-to Tim Horton's breakfast, and headed out. DSCF2206DSCF2212 Usually we'll travel right into Jasper and then do a bit of exploring at various lakes or falls, but this time, we decided to by pass Jasper altogether and instead explore some of the surroundings that we had never seen before. After a failed attempt at driving the entirety of a mountain road due to avalanche closures, we turned around and headed back to the place that had caught Mark's eye initially on our drive through the Rockies.


We parked the truck at one of the roadside pullouts on the road between Jasper and the National Park Gate, gathered all of our camera gear and picnic supplies, and started trekking though the sand & trees. After only ten minutes of walking, we had already made it onto the first hill (there were three levels of elevation), and with me being scared of the family of mountain goats I had seen sleeping atop that hill earlier, I was trying to convince Mark that this would be the perfect spot to set up our blanket (to avoid any angry goat confrontation....haha) Thankfully, he didn't settle for the first hill, and after a bit more climbing, we reached the very peak and both fell completely silent as we took in the view. The mountains completely surrounded us; a full 360 degree view. We stayed atop that wondrous mountain for over two hours, simply processing the magnitude of our surroundings, as well as spending time eating together, taking photos, reading design magazines, basking in the sunshine, and breathing in that sweet mountain air. I'll spare you the details of our terrifying mountain goat-filled trek back down the mountain, and leave you with a few shots from one of the best days of our lives together thus far.


And lastly, since this is an anniversary post after all, I wanted share the FIRST photo that Mark and I ever took together back on March 17, 2010, (only five days after we met for the first time) AND the most recent photo of the two of us from our Jasper getaway. Little did we know that four years later we'd still be acting like goofs together, AND we'd be incredibly well versed in the art of "Couple Selfies".


I love you Mark! Thank you for always being my voice of reason, my constant source of encouragement, and the driving force behind making me live life more spontaneously; let's make this year even MORE adventurous than the last!!