Wander With Us - River Side Picnic

"Step out into the wild,there's a beautiful storm in your eyes. We're perfectly intertwined It's quite alright, you could be my way of life". -Into the Wild -- Lewis Watson


At the slightest glimpse of spring last night, Mark and I packed up our bags and headed into the forest. We were craving nature, quality time free from social media, and that gentle spring scent that we all terribly ache to smell during those precious days when the snow all seems to fade away.


We stopped alongside of the river, shared dinner and beer with each other and a little curious squirrel (just the dinner, no beer for little squirrel!) and finished off the sunshine-filled evening with some location scouting.  Ohhhh warm weather, how good you are for the soul!!!


I always joke to people, that if you have trouble finding our apartment, just look for "Pearl", and like the North Star she'll guide you back hahah. The Pearl is that gigantic condo building (the tallest in the entire city) that's going up at the end of our street. While we were location scouting and taking in the view, we spotted pearl ;)


What's YOUR favourite way to unwind after a busy weekend?? Do you have something that you love to do when you need a break from the business of life & the constant buzz of our electronics??