Watermelon & Mint Salad - Recipe

Happy Monday friends! Technically since most people get tomorrow off, I should be saying happy Friday! ;)It's been a whirlwind weekend for me filled with a roundtrip to Edmonton, very little sleep, and a BEAUTIFUL wedding day, so I wanted to share this SUPER TASTY (& easy) recipe this morning to bring things back into routine and start this week off on the right foot! It's bound to be a really warm week, so this salad is PERFECT to make on those days when it's just too hot to even turn on the oven. We used this dish as a side with supper, but I would definitely use this as a main course in the future--it's just soooo tasty, refreshing, and if you eat enough it'll definitely fill you right up! It would also make an amazing addition to any Canada Day barbecue or picnic!



  • cubed watermelon (I used half of a huge watermelon, but it's all dependent on how many people you're serving)
  • crumbled feta cheese (MMMM)
  • fresh mint (it's SO awesome being able to pick this stuff right off of the plant in the garden!)
  • balsamic vinegar for dressing (we used balsamic reduction, but either work just fine!)Simply toss all four ingredients together, and serve!

Do you have any plans for Canada Day??