Wedding Workflow Chart

Up until a couple of months ago, everything that had to do with my wedding clients was stored either in my email or in my mind; and although it was a decent way to keep track of everything that I had going on, it's wasn't the most efficient use of my mental energy. With the coming wedding season fast approaching, I knew that I wanted to really nail down a great organization system--amongst other major business changes--which is what led me to this workflow chart, and customizing it to suit my needs. You can find these charts all over the internet (I found mine on Photography Concentrate), with a lot of variation on the tasks listed at the top of the chart, but since this is my blog, I wanted to share with you the exact inDesign file that I am using. The steps laid out on this chart are personalized to me, and the way that I like my wedding client process to flow. Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

I wanted to share the inDesign file with you, because that way if you would like to utilize a similar chart, then you can download my file and customize it to suit your own needs. If you'd simply like access to a blank chart so that you can create your from scratch, then check out the link to Photography Concentrate's website at the start of this post and you should be able to search for "workflow chart". If you're ready to download the inDesign file, then just click HERE, and you'll be taken to my dropbox where you will find the file. If you don't have inDesign, or would prefer a separate file type, feel free to let me know in the comment section and I can probably sort that out for you :)

Questions about how I utilize this chart for my wedding couples? Leave those below as well and I'll help you out :)