My Week on Repeat

My week has been on constant repeat since Sunday: wake up, look out the window, see snow blizzard, be sad. Has anyone else felt like this this week? Yesterday I decided to ignore the snow flurries out my windows and started to work on the mini "gallery wall" that I want to put in my new office space. Since we live in an apartment, you've just gotta work with the space that you've got, so after rearranging my "office" a couple of days ago, I decided that I wanted to add some wall decor to make it feel a bit more cozy! DSC_9648-Edit

I'm biiiiig on quotes and daily reminders + affirmations, so you can bet on there being some pretty rad sayings up on that wall within the next couple of weeks! It's going to be a mix of hand-drawn words & some print making that Mark will do for me at school. I'm about to ask the impossible question, but bear with me ;) if you had to pick ONE quote/saying to be your favourite, what would it be?? Leave it down below; I'd LOVE to hear the words that stir up inspiration inside of YOU!

DSC_9646 P.S I KNOW that all we do is pout about the snow, but how PUMPED are you for SPRING and all the inspiration that comes along with it?! Dreaaaaaaming of the day!