Weekly Feature - Alora Marie

I first met Alora a couple weeks ago during a monthly Shoot & Share meeting (If you are curious about all of this Shoot and Share talk, check this post out HERE). She is a 19 year old wedding and portrait photographer living here in Edmonton!I had been following her work for a little while and I am so happy to have her as part of our S&S community here in the city!Alora has such a unique personality and an incredible shooting style that I absolutely admire! I'm so thankful to have the opportunity to meet and befriend such awesome individuals thanks to being a photographer, and the power it has to bring like-minded creative individuals together! Keep reading below to get to know a little more about Alora!


1. Favorite blogger/blog to read? There’s so many it’s hard to choose! I literally have hundreds of blogs in my bookmarks! One I like to regularly look at would be this design blog: http://www.designlovefest.com. I always find so much inspiration on there, and the DIY’s are pretty great! 

 2. What is your favourite creative pass time? Photography for sure! It’s that one thing that I feel absolute joy doing, and can just forget about everything else that’s going on in life and focus on the subject in front of me.

3. Tell us about your favourite adventure you’ve ever been a part of? Oh this is a hard one to answer! I’ve done lots of traveling and have had so many mini-adventures throughout the year that it’s hard to choose just one! However if I have to pick one, it’d be back in April. I attended a retreat in Washington, and flew for the first time on my own. Let me tell you, going through customs by yourself is scary business the first time you do it. That was an adventure in its self!

4. Coffee or tea? What’s your favourite kind? I love me some tea! Most people who know me, know I need my daily chai tea lattes! I also love an assortment of other loose teas, peppermint and green teas are among my favourites.

5. What’s your favourite way to spend a Saturday? My favourite kind of Saturday would be spending it with a friend, having conversations over tea, walking down on Whyte Ave, and taking photos. I love just taking time to enjoy the day, with no agenda.

6. What is one goal (can be personal, business related, etc) that you are currently working towards this fall? A personal goal of mine right now is to learn how to let go of being a perfectionist control freak all the time. I’m learning to let some of the little details go, and not let the fact that something isn’t perfect in my eyes stop me from creating and doing.

7. Leave a piece of advice to others beginning their journey down a creative pathway (whether it be photographer, writer, blogger, designer etc), what was the best thing that someone told you when starting out? I would have to say not to get caught up with what everyone else is doing. Do what you’re doing for you. The most important thing in the photography industry (or any other!), is to just be yourself. It’s so easy to get caught up with the current shooting styles, ideas/concepts that are going around and whatever presets every one seems to be using. Instead remember why you’re doing what you’re doing and hold on to that. You won’t stand out by trying to fit in. It’s such a simple thing, and everyone says this, but it’s so easy to forget!

Want to catch up on Alora's latest work?? Find her at the links below! Website + Blog Instagram Pinterest

**Image of Alora was taken by the beautiful + talented Shantal Marie! She was a weekly feature a couple weeks ago!!