Weekly Feature - Brianne Lutz

Trust me when I say that today's blog guest has AMAZING style! Known on her blog Brizzie Styles, Brianne is ALWAYS blogging her daily outfits, style inspirations, and HILARIOUS thoughts and life-updates!

A little more about Brianne: I am Brianne, more often known as Breezy, a 23 year old living in Vernon, British Columbia. Born & Raised, I may just be a lifer. I am a fashion/lifestyle blogger who during the week works as an office manager at an insurance company in town, and during those off hours I am a personal stylist for anything from wardrobe makeovers to styled photo shoots.

IMG_8589 1. Favorite blogger/blog to read? My favorite blog to read would be The Daybook, when I first discovered her blog I stalker read through the archives in one night. She has a very fresh voice and is naturally very funny, her sense of humor is similar to mine. She touches on style, lifestyle and photography while always being interesting. I would also like every item in her closet immensely, but that's a dream for another day.

2. What is your favorite creative pass time?  My favorite creative pastime is to write. Whether it be scattered point form lists or to really vent it out with my journal, I find it very therapeutic and relaxing (This may explain my serious journal hoarding addition!). The other way is having personal fashion shows in my room to try out different outfit styles. My sister and I used to do this, and still do so whenever we get together. My closet often looks like a bomb has gone off by the end of it, but I always feel so alive and passionate when I'm done. 

3. Tell us about a favourite adventure that you’ve ever been a part of! Favorite adventure to date was driving the Road to Hana in Maui, 2011. It was the most terrifying yet beautiful way of seeing the side of Maui that is often forgotten, and I spent hours staring out the windows and just admiring the beautiful scenery. Admittedly I spent most of that time wondering what it would be like to run away from real life and live in a jungle hut deep in those forests, Swiss Family Robinson style.  

4. Coffee or tea? What’s your favourite kind? Coffee. All. The. Way. I like my coffee like desert, tons of cream and sugar. I am a uber healthy green nut, but I will NEVER give up my desert coffee. Caramel Lattes are the secret key to my heart.

5. What’s your favourite way to spend a Saturday? My favorite way to spend a Saturday is to take a great long morning hike, be it with my family or a girlfriend, and then follow it up with a great movie marathon. Personal favorite go-to's are Grease, Now & Then, The Sweetest Thing & Erin Brockovich. The hike first balances out my lazy guilt. 

6. What is one goal (can be personal, business related etc) that you are currently working towards this fall? My goal for this fall is to explore how far having a blog can take me, both business wise and personal. The amazing and diverse people I have met in my short year of doing this has blown my mind, and this fall I want to really dig in deep and seize every opportunity I have given to me just by putting my random, scattered thoughts and anecdotes for the world to see. As such a fresh blogger/stylist, I have really had to have some serious heart to hearts with myself about believing in my ability to be funny, fashionable or personable, and this season I want to do myself a favor and not shut the door on any opportunity I'm fortunate enough to be blessed with, because my own insecurities tell me I'm not good enough. 

7. Leave a piece of advice to others beginning their journey down a creative pathway (whether it be photographer, writer, blogger, designer etc), what was the best thing that someone told you when starting out? My biggest piece of advice is whatever you are doing, do it with your personal creative voice. No one else has that same voice that you do, or can tell a story the exact same way as you can; whether that be in a photo, outfit, design, anything. For blogging, you can burn out really fast if you're following the cookie cutter steps & posts. While I love fashion and can talk for hours about it, I do so in my own voice so that to me it always feels fresh and authentic. If I'm bored by my writing, I can only guess how bored my readers are! Also, take it slow. Nothing good comes easy or fast, all you will do if you try to accomplish everything too fast is burn out and run out of things to say.

Want to find out more about Breezy?? Find her here: Blog: brizziestyles.com Email: breezylutz@gmail.com Instagram: @breezylutz Twitter: @briannelutz