Weekly Feature - Brittany Sharday

I so look forward to the day where I can travel around and physically hangout with all of these awesome blog features!! Brittany is another rad lady that I would love to hang out and shoot with--I'd also love to raid her closet haha. I started following her work after finding her through another one of my favourite photographers (Jamie Jones), her shooting style, as well as her incredibly inspiring boudoir sessions is what really drew me in! Definitely keep reading to find out a little more about her!

Hey-a! I’m Brittany, a wedding and portrait photographer based near Portland, Oregon. I am 23, a wife, a mother to my fur-child pup, Cooper, and I became a homeowner in 2013, which has made me OBSESSED with renovating my 100-year-old Farmhouse.

bs 1. Favorite blogger/blog to read?  One of my favorite blogs to read and get simple little tips and tricks for the    home, the hair, and the hungry is Irrelephant Blog. My dear friend Joanna is the co-founder of it and I love indulging in her creativity and talent. She’s a peach! One photographer I really enjoy following is Carl Zoch. Mostly his Instagram feed, although he is a crazy talented wedding photographer. That guy is such an adventure seeker and looks at nature in such an incredible way. It flows right into his portrait work, making his wedding images beyond this world!

 2. What is your favourite creative pass time? I love shooting! Photography, that is… though target practice with my uncles .22 is always fun, too ;) It’s a rarity these days that I actually have time to get out and shoot something artsy and and fun just for myself, but I really love creating beautiful, sultry images. Another creative outlet for me is working with my hands. I like building things and repurposing old junk into something awesome, or just bringing back the life to something that use to be.

 3. Tell us about your favourite adventure you’ve ever been a part of? I know you probably wanna hear something awesome like how that one time I got lost in the Amazon jungle for 3 days and only had a pack of waterproof matches and chapstick to keep me alive. I’d love to hear that story, too. Maybe one day it’ll actually happen and I can tell you all about it. But honestly? I’d have to say marriage is the craziest adventure I’ve ever had. To anyone who’s married already, you will know what I’m talking about. It’s both awesome and really hard. Finding someone who fits you so well, who is totally flawed and insanely perfect at the same time is the first hard part. Working out all the kinks of two separate people who have lived 2 different lives and merging all the crazy stuff and all the good stuff into a healthy, functioning marriage is the second hardest thing. But damn, is it amazing! Growing up together, figuring out life together. Celebrating the blessings, and picking each other up after the falls. Three years of marriage down, and one whole eternity to go. Best ride of my life! (Shout out to my boo, Joey! Lovin' yooou! ;))

 4. Coffee or tea? What’s your favourite kind? Neither. Yuck!

5. What’s your favourite way to spend a Saturday? I’m totally a homebody. I love just sitting at home all day with my guys. But when I feel like getting my lazy bones moving, I would love to be hiking or camping or doing anything outdoors. Nature is so hardcore. There is nothing more grounding than being out there in the elements, enjoying all the beauty our Creator has gifted us with.

6. What is one goal (can be personal, business related, etc) that you are currently working towards this fall? Personal: Improving my relationship with Christ. I’ve been on a spiritual journey for a while now, and I feel that this is the season of growth for me. Understanding that I am here to serve Him and others with constant love and gratitude.

Business: I really just want to figure out exactly what it is that I want to be when I grow up. That’s still something I struggle with at 23. The dream would be for photography to take me everywhere I want to go, but sometimes I consider going back to school for psychology… or interior design… or carpentry… or literally almost anything else. Haha!

7. Leave a piece of advice to others beginning their journey down a creative pathway (whether it be photographer, writer, blogger, designer etc), what was the best thing that someone told you when starting out? In the words of my favorite comedian, Kevin Hart, “DO YOU, BOO-BOO! DO YOU!” Seriously, though. Do what makes YOU happiest. Don’t try to fit a mold. If you currently feel that you are stuck in one, get the heck outta there, man! If what you are doing is different than most everyone else, don’t let that scare you, grab those reins and ride that beast out! Fall totally in love with your craft. If there comes a time when you no longer feel the passion or joy for it, maybe its time to try something new. And lastly, DO NOT look at others’ work when you are feeling down about your own!!! Look back at your own early work and compare yourself to YOURSELF. Value the mistakes and unfortunate trends you use to follow then, and be proud of how far you have come today. Finding inspiration in others’ creativity is amazing and applauding your fellow creative is commendable, but comparing yourself to them when you aren’t in good spirits is sort of like being in a bakery full of chocolaty goodness when you’re on a diet... It just hurts your feelings and makes you hate yourself a little. Don't do that. But mostly, just have fun!! :)

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