Weekly Feature - Randee Armstrong

I first found Randee through Instagram; I can't trace back exactly how I came across her page, but I do remember being immediately captivated by her feed. The emotion, feel, simple beauty, and love was palpable through her images, and I just knew I had to get to know her. It turned out that Randee lives  right here in Edmonton, thus I'm so excited to share with you all such a great local talent!

More about Randee: I am first and foremost a mom, who works full time and also takes photos.


1. Who/what is your favorite blogger/blog to read? This is something I probably shouldn't admit to, since I have a blog... but, I don't really read blogs very often. I am big into Linda Scheynius and Petra Collins though, so I do definitely frequent their sites.

2. What is your favorite creative pass time?  Oh geeze, I think one of my favourites so far is when I made my two girlfriends stand in the  trees in under ware and white t-shirts, there were people frequenting that trail and some would stop and stare others would run faster. I think anytime I get to take a personal idea of mine and make it real.

3. It’s a cool, rainy, fall day and you’re cozied up on the couch with a book and hot drink; what could we find you reading, and what is in your mug? Currently reading 'Everything is Illuminated' and definitely drinking tea, I am obsessed with Davids.

4.  If you could only choose one,  would you rather wear flannels or oversized sweaters for the entire winter season? WHY would you make someone choose between those two things! I will have to go with over sized sweaters... only because I recently had to purchase a rolling rack to accommodate my sweater addiction.

5. What is one person/thing/quote/song etc. that you turn to if you’re having a less-than-positive day? Well, it's written on my back so lets go with "In the dew of little things the heart finds its morning and is refreshed" Kahlil Gibran Also, and most importantly Maddyx, my daughter. She is my light.

6. What is one goal (can be personal, business related etc) that you are currently working towards this fall? Oh man, WEBSITE. Will it ever happen? Who knows... it's in the works though! 

7. Leave a piece of advice to others beginning their journey down a creative pathway (whether it be photographer, writer, blogger, designer etc), what was the best thing that someone told you when starting out? I think it's just really important to create the way you want to create. Be true to your own style, regardless of whether or not people like it. It took me a while to really nail down what it is I liked about what I was doing and what I didn't like about it. I finally think I am at a place where my photos are both less and more, if that even makes sense. It's a huge compliment when people tell me they can tell it's one of my photos just by seeing it without my name being attached. I think that means, hopefully that I am doing something right. I don't want to be generic. So I guess, my summed up advice would just be to keep playing with what you think you like... and eventually you will make it your own somehow.

Where YOU can find Randee: http://randeearmstrong.tumblr.com http://heartlandtruckstop.tumblr.com (This one is as old as my child, so it's kind of my baby). Instagram: randeearmstrong