Weekly Feature - Shantal Marie

Without nerding out too much....I just have to say that I'm so pumped for today's feature!! I've been such a big fan of Shantal's work for a while now, and cannot wait to share such a talent with you all! Shantal is another one of my unique featured creatives who is (well, was) based in the Edmonton area. Unfortunately for us, she's moving to Victoria, BC this month; luckily, this just gives me an even better reason to visit the island!

Meet Shantal: I am a 22 year old Lifestyle Wedding and Portrait Photographer, currently based in St.Albert, AB (though, soon to be moving to Victoria, BC!) My goal is quite simple, I strive to capture You just as you are; the beautiful person you were created to be. I love Jesus, chocolate, rainy days and laughing until tears are streaming down my face.


1. Who/what is your favorite blogger/blog to read?  Andria Lindquist. (http://andrialindquistblog.com) If you haven't heard of her, she is a Lifestyle Photographer based in Seattle. I spend hours pouring over her work, I never grow tired of looking at the same pictures over and over. She just has such a gift for capturing emotions, life in the moment, and telling stories.

2. What is your favorite creative pass time? My favourite creative pass time would have to be photography. (Surprise!) Photography is how I express myself. I am able to show how I see the world and how I see people, without using words. Which in turn, creates the best kind of challenge for me as I am continually working at maintaing that expression through all of my work.

3. Tell us about a favourite adventure that you’ve ever been a part of!  My favourite adventure…I would have to say Bible School. I had the opportunity to attend Capernwray Harbour (Thetis Island, BC) from 2009-2010. Living on a wee little island for a year was an adventure in itself (When I say wee, I am not joking… we had to take a 30 minute ferry to reach any form of civilization). It was also my first time away from home. It was a year of personal growth and maturity, growing in my faith, and just experiencing such a different community and getting to know people from all over the world. One giant adventure.

4. Coffee or tea? What’s your favourite kind? This may come as a shock to some people. I am not a tea OR coffee drinker! I have yet to find a good strong cup of tea (Maybe I just have not tried the right ones!) I will let you in on a little secret though - the best drink in my books. A freshly squeezed lime, a cup or two of water, and a little sprinkle of stevia. Voila.

5. What’s your favourite way to spend a Saturday? My favourite way to spend a Saturday would be sleeping in until 10am, having a delicious breakfast with my lovely family, and just hanging out. (When my family has breakfast, it usually lasts 2-3 hours). We love to sit, enjoy each others company, and talk about life and Jesus. For the rest of the day, I'm outside taking pictures!

6. What is one goal (can be personal, business related etc) that you are currently working towards this fall? I'm currently in the process of re-branding (my photography packaging). My vision and goal is to first match my branding; to have it flow with my photography style, and secondly to tie it in to the beautiful earthy and natural place that I will soon be living in! I have been working on this for the last few months now and wanted to have it done by the end of November. It's really starting to come together nicely, and I am pleased to say, I am almost done!

7. Leave a piece of advice to others beginning their journey down a creative pathway (whether it be photographer, writer, blogger, designer etc), what was the best thing that someone told you when starting out? To young photographers just starting out. This is something I wish was in neon letters and smacked in everyones face every single day, not just for those who are fresh in the industry, everyone needs to be reminded of this. //BE YOURSELF\\ The world makes it so easy for us to become consumed with everything and everyone around us, and we forgot who we are, and what we set out to do…and the real reason we set out to do it. Having your own style, being yourself, the world may beg to differ…but this this a good thing. Why do we strive to be just like everyone else when we can be different? When we can stand out?

Want to learn more about Shantal?? Website: www.shantalmariephotography.com FB: www.facebook.com/shantalmariephotography

**Image of Shantal by Alora of Alora Marie Photography