Are You Worthy Of the Love That You're Given?

Are you worthy of the love that you're being given? (I hope you answered yes, because that was a trick question). One thing that I touched on during one of our partner activities at the Free Spirit Retreat, was asking ourselves if we are worthy. There were no specific guidelines, or more minute details, simply “are you worthy?”. My mind jumped straight to love. Am I worthy of the love that I'm being given? As a now 25 year old married adult, I often resort back to thinking what it means to be a partner to another human being; what living a life next to, but not in the shadow of one-another, means to me. Even though there are days when I feel as though I am not pulling my own weight, or that maybe I just cry too much, or am too messy, I whole-heartedly believe that being able to live your days alongside of someone else to be one of the most intricately complex, yet terrifyingly-simple journeys you can walk. This isn't to say that marriage is a necessary step in walking alongside someone else, I don't believe that. Marriage was our step, but it isn't everyones.

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Does having a partner require conscious thought, compromise, choices for the wellbeing of more than just yourself? Absolutely. But it also breathes more into my life than I had ever thought possible. For me, having a partner means to have a second voice of reason; a voice that you can turn to when your words come out as a tremble. Having a partner brings strong arms of wordless-comfort that can hold you in the unending darkness. Having a partner means having someone believe in the person that you are, when you have forgotten your own truth.

Having a partner means growing together—wildly, uninhibitedly, whole-heartedly, unknowingly, all the while never losing hold to the uniquities that led you to one another in the first place. Having a partner doesn't mean that you lose yourself, or that your partner loses their identity in order to walk alongside of you. Having a partner means that although you believe in yourself, it's your belief in one-another that will carry you though the moments of doubt.