You Are Doing The Best That You Can

I don't believe that just because you've finished high school, received a diploma, or completed a masters degree that you're through with learning. We often forget that we can't just accumulate knowledge until we reach a plateau and then coast the rest of the way through life (or our relationships, or businesses, or hobbies). I believe that if I'm not challenging myself everyday, and if I'm not constantly learning from my own mistakes, that I am not evolving as a person (or as a business). I feel as though sometimes people forget that we don't know everything, they neglect to realize that we, ourselves, are still learning the ropes; that maybe we are still trying to figure this all out as we go. That is not to say that we aren't putting in our best effort day in & day out, and working our butts off to give everyone the very best that we have to offer, it is just to remind everyone that even though we are hustling hard and pouring our heart into everything that we set out to do, we are all still learning and working to evolve. DSCF3194-EditTry not to let people make you feel like less of a person because they expect you to have it all figured out during your first year in business. You're not the only one tactfully (or even sometimes, clumsily) navigating your way through life. This may serve as a reminder more to myself that it may to you, but I need you to try to not let the little things bother you; try your hardest to not let words break your spirit. You are doing the best that you can.