"You Are The Best Thing" - Bedroom Decor DIY

If things would have gone according to plan, you would be seeing another breakfast recipe on here this morning; BUT, considering that I'm currently travelling and didn't prep my recipe blog post beforehand, we're doing a bit of improvisation! I've had a few requests for a DIY on the new letters/words that we have hanging in our bedroom, so I thought I'd get on here and give you a run-down on how I made those letters (it's simpler than you think!), and then I'll share a brand new breakfast recipe tomorrow :) Since we've been such transitional people in the past few years, always moving apartments, I'm always looking for fun, non-invasive ways to personalize our living space, with my latest endeavour being these cardboard letters that have gotten hung above our headboard (<--- click to find our headboard DIY from earlier this year). We already had three strings hanging the length of our wall that we were using to string photos across, so I just decided to implement those in a new multi-functional way.


All you're going to need for this is some scissors, some kraft paper, a pencil, and whatever you're wanting to use to hang the letters to the wall. I had a stack of kraft paper laying around the apartment, so I just started by hand drawing the letters to my phrase on the paper (one, sometimes two letters to a sheet), and then cut them all out. This was the longest part of the whole process, but I did it while watching Friends so it was pretty enjoyable ;) Once my letters were all cut out, I just hung them on the pre-existing strings in our bedroom using small silver bulldog clips! I then went ahead and attached a few personal photos to the stings to give it a bit more personalization :)


Questions? Lay them on me! The shot on the left below is from my Instagram feed, and the shot on the right was taken by my good friend over at T.Renee Photography!

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