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Kat + Preston - Calgary Couple's Session

Continuously baffled at how in-sync the Universe and I are lately; week after week I am BLOWN away by the people that I get to work alongside of and photograph. Kat + Preston are right up there filed under "my people". I had the most incredible time photographing them while they were visiting friends in Calgary this past weekend, and I feel like it's inevitable that we'll get to cross paths again very soon!

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Michelle + Tylor - Kananaskis Anniversary Session

One really cool thing about photographing in the Rockies, is that there are times where I get to meet people who are experiencing the gigantic presence of our mountains for the very first time in their lives; and although I can't remember my first experience with the Rockies (I've seen them for as long as I can remember), getting to experience their newness, mammoth, wise, and strong presence through the eyes of someone seeing them for the first time has to feel just as incredible. 

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Gloria + Graeme - Medicine Hat In-Home Engagement Session

Picture a heritage home, just shy of 100 years old and full of the most incredible character and quirks that your mind can imagine; now, imagine that home surrounded by a 10 foot tall fence of the most fragrant purple lilacs; standing tall, yet swaying gently in a summer breeze. Can you feel the breeze? Hear the bumblebees and the birds as the sun starts it's descent? Welcome to Gloria + Graeme's engagement session; it was all of those things and more.

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