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Dawn + Nick - Kananakis Couple Session

There aren't too many people who get me, or who I can feel safe and comfortable around; but, over the last two years I have found that in Dawn. She's been a good friend of mine ever since we've been in Calgary, and more recently, we've also--Mark, Birdy, and I--spent more time with Nick, and we just adore these two. 

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Stephanie + James

You know those humans that you come across that just radiate positivity and inclusivitiy and lead their life in such an intentional manner? Meet Stephanie + James, a big-hearted duo that we are so fortunate to call our friends. Last weekend, we got together at Bridgette Bar downtown to start off what I think has been one of my favourite sessions thus far to be a part of.

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Kenna + Brett - Calgary Engagement Photographer

I've been doing a lot of thinking lately about photographing couples, and what having their moments together captured means to them, as well as to me. I've always had a firm belief behind why I do what it is that I do, but I've been feeling an expansion with that lately--delving more into what it really feels like to see these types of images of yourself wrapped in the arms of your person--and it's been such a fun exploration lately that I can't wait to soon share more of. 

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