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 …because we wanted to believe that there was more to being a photographer than a double tap.


Being a part of the Stripped Down Sessions
is a way for you to harness your own
resiliency and

come back home to
why you started to begin with.

July 28 - 29, 2019

Calgary, Alberta, Canada


After more than 16 years of combined life experience as photographers, we’ve seen it all; the flux and flow of trends, the conformity of industry cliques, the pressure to shoot a certain way, the misinterpretation of what being a photographer means, and hustle in all of the wrong places.

Growing a business before the influx of social media popularity meant that we both spent the early years of our business hustling any way that we could, which has lead us to today; where for close to a decade, we’ve resisted succumbing to the trends that are shouting in your face at every scroll of the thumb

because we wanted to believe that there was more to being a photographer.


If you’re needing a little extra nudge towards attending, here is what a few of our past attendees have said:


“When I signed up for Emily + Kaihla’s workshop, I signed up wanting to learn to shoot and edit better. BOY DID I GET THAT PLUS MORE.  I am from Ohio, USA so you can probably imagine that this trip wasn't cheap for me. If you are on the fence, BOOK THE NEXT WORKSHOP. Where ever you are, you can make it happen!

I walked away from this workshop CONFIDENT AS HELL. I have never felt so planted in my editing style. I can go now into sessions with direction and purpose. I know how to prompt my couples, I know how to direct and session to tell a story and how to get the most out of an hour with someone. What shifted for me after this workshop was the ability to put my foot down and say NO. I am no longer a pushover and feel I have a voice in my business” - Cate

“I walked away [from the workshop] with a giant rush of inspiration and excitement, and a new attitude that I was good enough, and that I was better than I gave myself credit for, that I needed to stop comparing my work to others. I came home with an abundance of knowledge from professionals, and the support to make changes and to proceed on my journey. I knew before going in that there is room for us all at the top, and spending time with other like minded souls only solidified that. Community over competition has never been spoken so clear. I know now that I am ready, to grow and be me, and that is what will help me be successful on my path.” - Meg

“When I signed up for the Workshop, I was looking for something that would give me a boost of confidence to start my own photography business. I was so nervous leading up to the workshop, but once I arrived, I felt at complete ease as everyone was so nice and friendly!

I came away from the workshop with confidence in who I am, not only as a photographer, but as a person. I made friendships and connections that I never thought possible in the little amount of time we knew each other. I now have a group of amazing people cheering me on my journey. The Workshop with Kaihla and Emily ignited a fire in me to start pursuing a dream that has always seemed so unreachable.” - Carlee

I would pay 100x over again to have another day with all of you again, to just sit around and learn more about each and everyone of the people at the workshop. I can’t place enough value on the things I’ve learned and the moments I experienced at the workshop.” - Allison 


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