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 You don’t need the answers,

you need the tools.


 Being a part of the Stripped Down Sessions is a way for you to harness your own resiliency and come back home to why you started this to begin with. At this point, I know you’re ready to learn MORE, so let’s get to it. Down below, you’re going to find what is all included with your cost of attending, as well as who the Stripped Down Sessions is best suited for, as well as how you can sign up to be a part of this learning experience that you won’t find anywhere else in Canada.

What your commitment to the Stripped Down Sessions includes:

  • 6 + hours of talks

    We’re bringing things back to the heart of the matter by giving you all that you need and stripping away all that you don’t.
    We want to exemplify why you need to stop villainizing “the hustle” because it’s a crucial part of propelling your growth, how the industry has had it backwards all along in that our job isn’t being a storyteller, how to remove your ego from your business choices, how to output authentic energy and intention, and more honest topics that the “industry” isn’t talking about.

  • a deep dive into your personal brand

    We’re going to dive into what you’re already doing that’s working for your brand, as well as equip you with tools and resources that are going to propel you forward into growth. As branding specialists each in our own field, you’re going to walk away with real life steps and processes that will aid in harnessing your potential.

  • Shooting demo in an non-ideal situation

    Anyone can walk away from a workshop with stunning images when they’re given an ideally styled set-up complete with “top-of-the-line vendors”, perfect lighting situations, and an easy-going couple with experience being photographed; but, what happens when you get back home after the workshop and you’re met with real + regular clients, non-ideal lighting situations, or stiff and awkward couples who have never been photographed before? Or worse yet, what if you walk into a wedding day and don’t know how to handle the varying lighting situations? We want you to walk away equipped with tools to feel empowered, no matter what work situation you’re walking into.

  • a lightly-styled couples session with a real couple

    Shoot in a relaxed atmosphere with a real couple in one our of favourite Calgary neighbourhoods. We’re ditching the over-stylized, feature-worthy, pressure-filled scenario to capture people and moments that simply don’t reflect real life. Here you’ll be able to take all that you learned during the Demo, and work it into your own shooting style, with us there right alongside of you, every step of the way.

  • Headshot taken by both Kaihla and Emily

    Experience first hand how we interact with an individual portrait client (i.e YOU!) during your one-on-one mini headshot session.

  • Lunch for both days, as well as drinks, snacks, and coffee

  • Workbook and takeaways

    Rather than giving you a branded bag full of local goodies, we’ve cultivated a practical offering that you’re going to want to start implementing into your business workflow as soon as you get home. We’re giving you a custom tangible guidebook complete with our unique client-workflows, pre-session and pre-wedding questionnaires, time management scheduling templates, and moooore.


July 28 - 29, 2019

Calgary, Alberta, Canada
$1,200 + GST


After more than 16 years of combined life experience as photographers, we’ve seen it all; the flux and flow of trends, the conformity of industry cliques, the pressure to shoot a certain way, the misinterpretation of what being a photographer means, and hustle in all of the wrong places.


You probably have a few questions — we’ve got you.


Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is for photographers. Whether you’re a wedding photographer, couple photographer, family photographer, or otherwise, the Stripped Down Sessions are for you. The demo and lightly-styled shoot will be with a couple, however, everything else shared throughout the workshop is applicable to everyone.

We would recommend that you’ve already taken a few initial steps into your business, or have a few sessions and/or weddings under your belt in order to get the most out of everything that we teach throughout the entirety of our time together. Alternatively, if you’ve been doing this for a while but haven’t been able to find your flow just yet and are wanting to take your business to the next level, this is going to be a great next-step for you.

Will you be teaching us how to use our cameras?

This workshop starts far beyond camera basics, so being well-versed with your gear and having a solid foundation of your business or a strong desire to really jump all in to taking things to the next level is recommended for the Stripped Down Sessions.

What is the cost of the workshop, and what happens after I sign up?

All in, our offering is $1,200 + gst.

When you’re ready to join us, you can use the form below to sign up! Approximately half of your cost ($600) is due upon signing up, and the remainder is due 30 days before the workshop date. Once you submit your payment and your form, you’ll be sent an agreement form, a more-detailed outline of the workshop, and more.

What happens if I sign up but can’t make it anymore?

Your deposit to the workshop is non-refundable - however, if you absolutely can no longer make it, you are able to transfer your ticket to someone else after discussing it with us beforehand.

Still haven’t questions that weren’t answered here? Send me a note (, and we’ll answer anything else that you might be wondering!