Share Your Thoughts?

It's so important for me to be able to share in your thoughts, concerns, and feedback when it comes to the time that we have spent together--whether it be in person or digitally via Skype or Facetime. Meaningful interactions are so important for a little introvert like me, and I am always looking to push myself a little further outside of my comfort zone in order to continue to serve you to the very best of my abilities. 

If you have a couple of spare minutes, I would absolutely adore if you could fill out the form down below and share your thoughts with me regarding our mentoring time together. Your honest thoughts and words will really help me in hopefully improving these programs moving forward, and your testimonials (hoping that you had a good time + learned something haha) will hopefully inspire others to take that next step in their own business. 


I know that filling out feedback forms isn't the most exhilarating way to spend your time, nor is it always the easiest thing to do; but I've gone ahead and created some prompting questions for you to aid in the process. If you'd rather just write your own sentence or two testimonial, you can bypass all of the prompting questions and just share your thoughts in the very last input field. Questions? You can always reach me via email 

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If instead of filling out my prompting questions above you would rather just write out a more review-style testimonial, here would be the space to do so. If you'd already filled out the above questions, then you are more than welcome to leave this section blank.
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