Create Better Content - A Smartphone Photography Course

Create Better Content - A Smartphone Photography Course


This e-course is a guide on creating better content with your smartphone, including how to take good photos in various lighting conditions, how I edit my smartphone images,  and my own tips + tricks.

BONUS CONTENT including how to beautifully integrate your images into your social media feeds in a way that reflects your brand.

In this course we'll go over:

  • various tips and tricks to take better smartphone images right now with the phone that you currently own
  • managing smartphone lens distortion
  • how to compensate for colour casts
  • the apps and preset(s) that I use to edit my own images
  • how I curate my social media grids
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The idea for this course has been swirling around in my brain for months and months; I’m so glad to have you right here, with it right in front of your eyes. I hope that you’re ready to jump into a carefully curated, self-paced course aimed at aiding you to take better photos with your smartphone, as well as learning how to integrate those images into your social media feeds in order to create more cohesive content. 

Please read the following information carefully to ensure you don't miss anything: this e-course is intended for anyone who would like to learn how to take better quality photos with their smartphone, as well as learn how to integrate those images into a visually cohesive-yet-varied social media feed. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will I be able to access the e-course immediately? 
Once you purchase your e-course, you will be emailed the download link immediately. From there, you are able to download the file and begin your learning as soon as you'd like.

When can I join the Facebook group?
After completing your purchase, ensure to head over to Facebook and add me as a friend (personal name is Kaihla Lafond); from there I'll be able to add you into the exclusive Facebook family as soon as I log into my own account. If I don't add you right away, please just send me a quick facebook message or email ( letting me know that you've purchased the course and would like to be added into the group. 

How many downloads can I have?
Your purchase limits you to a one-time download.

Does my download link expire?
From your time of purchase, you will have seven days to download your e-course.

If any additional questions come up, feel free to send me an email at

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