Intensive One-On-One Specialization Program

Intensive One-On-One Specialization Program


It's gradually become more and more apparent in my life, that we cannot do everything on our own. We are living, breathing beings who--regardless of whether we're introverted, extroverted, or somewhere in between--need help from others. Not only do we need support from other people, but we are able to thrive with the help of like-minded supporters and mentors.


Having a mentor changed my life. No exaggerating. I strongly believe that if I would not have had the guidance and support of someone who had gone before me, I would not only not be photographing weddings OR Free Spirit sessions, but I would also be working some crappy part time job and struggling from day-to-day. I honestly believe that.

If I were to ask you at this very moment: "WHY are you a photographer? (or writer, business owner, coffee maker, yoga instructor....etc)" could you give me one simple + concise answer/reason without fumbling for words? Or share your answer without giving me one line that you, and ten other photographers that I've talked to, have given? Are you satisfied with joining the masses and putting on your website that you photograph weddings just because you love love? Who would continue to photograph weddings if they didn't have an admiration for love? Your love for love simply isn't enough.

Your reason for doing what you've chosen to do every single day of your life should reflect who you are as a living, breathing, human being. Your belief statement as a photographer (et al)--and as a human--should be unique to you; it should be simple and straightforward, yet your experiences, memories, truths, and personality should be carefully woven throughout your words with the most subtle, yet powerful intention.

Your WHY is the key to unlocking the next step in your journey.

Hear from Elizabeth Marie, my latest mentoree who has already grown so incredibly much since our time working together this past summer:

This summer spent with Kaihla was more than a mentorship, so to call it one would be barely scratching the surface of the relationship we created over the summer. She continually, week to week provided a space for me to come, not always whole and confident, but always to just come as I was. Wherever my heart was in the process, there was never any hesitation or doubt placed in me by her or her words that left me feeling uneasy about what we were talking about each time we met. We talked about a lot, we talked about everything, and through all the rambling and tears that were always present, Kaihla reassured me that it was fine. Being unsure was fine, being upset was fine and not having the words- it was all okay. Her support was unwavering. But as a young entrepreneur and photographer who just jumped two feet into a huge Calgary market, Kaihla did so much more than help me find my belief statement, she helped me to find myself.
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My goal as a mentor + coach, is to give you and your business purpose through the exploration of finding out who you are and what you believe in.

I want to help you in building a business around WHO YOU ARE as a person, because I believe that that is the only way of running a successful, unique, grounded, relatable, and honest business that separates you from the masses who are offering the same service. This program is for people who feel "stuck" in their business, who are simply ready to take things to the next level, who do not know how to attract the clients that they want, or who are even unsure of who their ideal clients are.

For a while, I thought that offering mentoring digitally over FaceTime was the way I wanted to go, but at the end of the day, my personality craves one-on-one in person connection. I want to sit with you, week after week, and work on this alongside of you. I want to be able to sit across from you, look you in the eyes, and encourage your incredible heart. As introverted as I may be at times, mentoring you in real life, in the same physical space is super important to me; which is why this program is going to be for people who are in/around Calgary, or who are willing to travel to Calgary for our weekly get togethers. This, like many other things that I put my heart + soul into, is a personal process. This is you opening up to me, allowing yourself to be vulnerable, sharing honest answers, and getting real with yourself. This cannot work any other way. We're going to spend a LOT of time together; I believe that it's a necessary step in building the trust required to take things to the next level.

The following is a super brief summary of the overall process:

Step one revolves around finding out who you are as a person. As simple as it may seem, this step requires plenty of time, intention, and dedicated thought. It's going to be frustrating, you might feel hopeless at times, but we'll get there together.

In step two, we're going to take everything that we've collected so far together, and work at creating a personalized belief statement for your business, and your life. Having a belief statement allows you to truly connect with + and attract other people with believe the same thing as you.

Step three is all about integrating your newfound belief statement + purpose into all that you do. We're going to focus on your website, Instagram, and ultimately using it to attract your ideal clientele.

The cost of my mentoring program is $1,500 + gst. That includes six weekly in person get togethers (lasting from 1-3 hours), customized worksheets and take home questions that we'll complete throughout the program, and access to me via email and in person long after our sessions together have ended. Because this is an intense program that requires a lot of time and dedication, I will only be taking on ONE person at a time, and they will be chosen via an application process in order to ensure that we'll be a good fit together. .

This in an intense six-week program and the work doesn't stop there.

This program requires a plethora of homework and dedication outside of the parameter of our weekly meet ups. This will only work if you are ready to show up--during and outside of your calls--and do this work.

You owe it to yourself.

Why do I feel so strongly about helping you succeed? I believe--whole-heartedly--that there are enough clients for each and every one of us (and then some!). Forming a business out of the basis of who you are is the only way to eliminate jealousy, fear of scarcity, and the ongoing nagging of competing with those around you. I want to be your real life example that this WORKS; this is the only thing that is going to separate you from the crowd. No one can do it like you can. Nobody holds in their heart what YOU have to offer this world. If this was easy, everyone would be doing it. If this was cheap, nobody would put in the effort. I am here to hold your hand, but I am also here to hold you accountable.

I have here a short 10 minute video that I wanted to make in order to really get across my passion and reasoning behind offering mentoring. Before continuing on to the application form below, feel free to take a few minutes and watch this video; it briefly talks about my personal experience with a mentor, as well as goes over what I truly believe to be holding you back from taking the next step in your business and/or life.

Like I mentioned previously, I will be choosing ONE person to work with over the course of the following six weeks. Due to a high volume of interest, choosing who to work with will be based on an application process with the help of the following form. If you are ready to submit your application, take your time to fill out the form below and submit your responses to me. If you'd like to first inquire with questions regarding the mentoring program, you can do so by email me at