An Introduction Into Specialization

An Introduction Into Specialization


Knowledge sharing is something that I have been passionate about ever since I felt as though I had thoughts that I could share with other photographers or creative entrepreneurs a few years after sinking into the groove of owning my own photography business. 

Specialization, in particular, has been a message that I continue to share and speak about because it was the turning point for my own business, and it's not something that is overly shared or spoken about throughout the creative community.

For me, specialization is the key to:
1. Finding the confidence in who you are and what you believe in, and thus learning to integrate that through all avenues of your business (and life!), and

2. breaking out of the competition cycle that is always underlying throughout creative communities

I've created this resource to share as a form of introduction into the idea of specialization, what it all means to me, how it's helped to revolutionize my own business, and how you can begin to get your own gears turning about specialization and branding your own business. 

Your "WHY" is the key to unlocking the next step in your journey.

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If I were to ask you at this very moment: “WHY are you a photographer? (or writer, business owner, coffee maker, yoga instructor....etc)” could you give me one simple + concise answer/reason without fumbling for words? Or share your answer without giving me one line that you, and ten other photographers that I’ve talked to, have given? Are you satisfied with joining the masses and putting on your website that you photograph weddings just because you love love? Who would continue to photograph weddings if they didn’t have an admiration for love? Your love for love simply isn’t enough.

Your reason for doing what you’ve chosen to do every single day of your life should reflect who you are as a living, breathing, human being. Your belief statement as a photographer (et al)--and as a human--should be unique to you; it should be simple and straightforward, yet your experiences, memories, truths, and personality should be carefully woven throughout your words with the most subtle, yet powerful intention.

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