You + Me Mentor Sessions

You + Me Mentor Sessions


Over the last 4 or so years as a full-time photographer, I've learned so much about photography, business, and even more so, about myself. I've come to learn through my own mentoring that I had the capability to truly create--from the ground up--a business to be whatever I wanted it to be. I was taught a long time ago that we have to dig deeper than just producing killer images if we want to truly thrive, while simultaneously building a sustainable business. 

These mentor sessions happen in person, right here in Calgary, and they cover anything that we can fit into about half a day of time together. They are curated to ensure that you walk away from our time together feeling re-inspired, more confident in yourself, and filled to the brim with support, encouragement, killer portfolio shots, and so much more. 

These sessions are 6 hours in length. Keep reading down below for a specific breakdown of our time together. 

We'll start our time together for the first two hours, at my favourite coffee shop going over anything and everything that you’re curious about or wanting help with.

Suggested topics are as follows:
+ Editing
+ Pricing
+ Integrating who you are into your work
+ Marketing
+ Posing and directing
+ Attracting your dream clients
+ Utilizing Instagram effectively
+ Quickening your turnaround time

From there, we'll get shooting! We'll then move into our session time with a couple, where I'll shoot first so that you can watch how I interact with my couples, then you'll get your chance to direct and pose based on what you've learned thus far. I'll also be right there to help you along the way--if need be--or to offer pieces of advice while you shoot so that you capture the images that you're wanting to aid in building your portfolio.

After that, we'll head back to my place where we'll spend the next hour and a half going through the shots that we just took, chatting workflow, editing together, and I'll help you tweak the presets that you're already using to aid you in producing the tones and style that you're wanting to achieve. We'll also squeeze in a little website/portfolio critique + review. 

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