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You’ve heard all of this talk about building a brand based around who you are, right?

People throw around “finding your why” like it’s this magical fix to creating your dream job, without ever alluding to the process behind all of the noise, let alone sharing a practical and effective way to reach that space in your own life and business.


The time for elusive promises and talk is over; if you’re tired of feeling exhausted, like you’re falling behind, or that you just can’t keep your head above water AND are ready to make a serious change, I got you.


For years I’ve mentored other creative entrepreneurs in person on how to cultivate your dream business based around who YOU are as a person, and although I am always PUMPED to mentor face-to-face (because honestly, there is nothing more impactful than in-person connection and teaching), I’ve come to understand that this isn’t always an option for everyone.

Come and find out how I’ve made my branding process accessible for everyone, regardless of where you are in your journey, or where you are in the world.


“You rock! Seriously! I think you have a crazy talent of reading people and understanding them at their core. 

I think back over our calls and it blows my mind to think how from words and chatting you were able to understand me so well and pull out so much of me, you understood me more then I have ever understood myself!”

- Allison Lucienne (completed one-on-one intensive mentoring with Kaihla Tonai)





“We talked about a lot, we talked about everything, and through all the rambling and tears that were always present, Kaihla reassured me that it was fine.

Being unsure was fine,
Being upset was fine,
and not having the words,
it was all okay.

Her support was unwavering. But as a young entrepreneur and photographer who just jumped two feet into a huge Calgary market, Kaihla did so much more than help me find my belief statement, she helped me to find myself”

- testimonial from Elizabeth Marie (completed a one-on-one intensive mentoring course with Kaihla Tonai)


I’ve packed everything that I could possibly fit into this downloadable Branding Guide and these additional course content workbooks for you - absolutely everything that I’ve implemented into my own business when it comes to building a lasting brand around being myself is included here, every single “secret” is poured into these pages.



Your Branding Guide includes 30 pages of:

  • why building a brand vs. a business is key

  • how to stay in your own lane and boost self-confidence

  • how to infuse personality and purpose into every aspect of your business

  • and so much more!

Your 10 page self-paced Complete Guide Workbook walks you through:

  • uncovering your personal strengths

  • working through what sets you apart from others

  • identifying your ideal client

I couldn’t resist adding in one more BONUS guide that is a Cheatsheet Guide filled with practical, hands on ideas and tasks that you can get started on RIGHT NOW while you work towards building up your brand. If you thought I was going to let you out of here without giving you a practical list of hands-on things that you can start working on RIGHT NOW, then you really don’t know me as well as I thought you did. 

I know that you’re like me,
which means that you want to get started on all of these changes, like, YESTERDAY. I get it. We want to feel like we’re physically and tangibly doing something while we also work on all of the self-discovery and not-so-seen elements of branding. 

So if you just need something to keep your hands busy, that also simultaneously works at cultivating the brand that you’re building during every waking moment, then this is what I have laid out for you in this additional bonus guide.


Your Branding Guide also includes over 20 minutes of video content that compliments the course content that I feel need a little more face time. I’ll be there to explain pieces of the guide, as well as give you that little push you need if you’re feeling a little stuck.

Lastly, two additional BONUS guides are included in your Branding Guide to help you to infuse even MORE of yourself into all that you do. Your guide on “Writing an about me that people will actually read” and “Boosting your instagram captions” will be immediately available as well upon purchase.





“This guide couldn’t have come at a more perfect time! It really guided and inspired me to brand myself into my business and in turn I am already getting my ideal clients into my inbox! After three years of business I would definitely say branding (not just the aesthetic part) is hands down the most important factor in determining your success and happiness in your business, and Kaihla lays it out perfectly for you to dive in deep and figure out your true brand.”

“This branding guide is incredible! I've known for almost a year that my brand needed a facelift and have been waiting for my schedule to quiet down before diving into it. This came at the most perfect time for me. I'm almost done and feel so inspired. I have such a clear vision for what needs to happen next. The questions she asked are so thought-provoking and I really feel like they allowed me to understand what things I let hold me back and dig deeper into why I do what I do, not just on a surface level. Kaihla did such an incredible job with this and I know she'll keep making it better.”

“This guide has given my the boost of motivation I needed to take the next steps in building both my brand and business. It asks questions that dig deep, and ones that I've never really pondered before. I believe this will be the push I need to launch me into the next chapter of my photography journey.
Thank you, Kaihla!”


If you resonate with two or more of the following statements, then I definitely believe that you owe it to yourself to invest in this course:

  • you’ve been feeling uninspired or unexcited about your work

  • you feel like your stuck in a creative loop

  • you struggle with feelings of comparison, inadequacy and/or lack of self confidence

  • you know that you have more to give, but you just don’t know how to put in into your business

  • you believe that your ideal client(s) must be out there, they just mustn’t live in your town/city

  • you’re working at all hours of the day and fear that if you take a break or vacation that you’ll fall behind

  • you have a hard time resonating with others via email or through your social media


Questions + Answers

Does this course only apply to photographers?

Not at all — even though this course does have some photography-specific examples since that’s what I’m most familiar with and is my own area of expertise, the information is totally transferable to any creative entrepreneur who is wanting to learn how to build a brand based around who they are as a person and learn how to harness all that you are into all that you have to offer.


Yes, absolutely! You’ll be able to download your guide(s) right away after you buy them, and a backup download link will be sent your way as well. Just be sure that you download your products asap as the link does expire after 24 hours.

How do i know if this will work for me?

Like anything in life, you’re going to get out of it as much as you are willing to put in. I’ve curated this branding guide to be as thorough and straightforward as possible, while also being focused and guided enough to really pull out results if you’re willing to dig deep and do the work — you totally owe this to yourself. I believe in you, and I’m here for you along the way if you need that extra push.

What if I need more when I complete the course/guide?

I am always on board to schedule in some facetime with you after you’ve completed the guide if you’re feeling like you need a little additional learning, or would like some extra help to take things the extra mile. Reach out and I’ll share more details about that with you — I have discounted rates for one-on-one facetime for anyone who’s purchased the branding guide.

I’m having trouble with the downloads.

I got you — if for whatever reason things are a little wacky with your download links, send me an email ( and I’ll help you out as soon as I absolutely can.

Any other questions that I haven’t already answered here?
Send them my way!