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Build a Lasting Brand

by Being Yourself

— how your heart and purpose is the key to creating a sustainable brand


You’ve heard all of this talk about building a brand based around who you are, right?

People throw around “finding your why” like it’s this magical fix to creating your dream job, without ever alluding to the process behind all of the noise, let alone sharing a practical and effective way to reach that space in your own life and business.

This is why I’ve created my branding guide for you.

The time for elusive promises and talk is over; if you’re tired of feeling exhausted, like you’re falling behind, or that you just can’t keep your head above water AND are ready to make a serious change, I gotchuuuu.


For years I’ve mentored other creative entrepreneurs in person on how to cultivate your dream business based around who YOU are as a person, and although I am always PUMPED to mentor face-to-face (because honestly, there is nothing more impactful than in-person connection and teaching), I’ve come to understand that this isn’t always an option for everyone.

Come and find out how I’ve made my branding process accessible for everyone, regardless of where you are in your journey, or where you are in the world.


When’s the Next Workshop?

Our first workshop was packed full of together-time, shooting, learning, sharing, incredible food, and big shifts in mindset + business.

If you are craving some community-based connection with other photographers who are ready + willing to commit to making a serious shift in their business, then hop on the list to be notified when the 2019 Workshop Schedule is released.



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