Our Christmas Decor - Living Room Details


This Holiday season officially made me feel like a real grown-up; like a decorate-the-home-that-I-own grownup. Wild. Up until now, we've had a mishmash of furniture and decor and everything in between. I feel like we've also been growing, evolving, and fumbling around with our own personal vibes and style, and it wasn't until this year that we finally found some peace in all of that madness. 

Mark and I are big time homebodies (Birdy too!) so having a space that we can find comfort in is huge for us. We've worked really hard at curating a living space that is versatile in being a haven for ourselves, while simultaneously catering towards our love for hosting friends and family. When it came to adding in some festive decorations, we both knew that we wanted a simple, earth-toned, Scandinavian approach. Here's what our space looks like for the Holiday season. Scroll to the end of the post to learn where all of our furniture is from. 

Shop our living room:
- Couch
- Credenza
- Matching chairs
- Wicker "poufs" 
- Macrame wall hanger (ours isn't online anymore but this one is similar)
- Two shelves
- Rug
- Coffee table
- Blanket ladder: made by Mark
- "Kiss more, Worry less/Judge less, Love more" prints
- Record player: hand-me-down (Pioneer brand)

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