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Click around for a glimpse at some of my latest work, or dive deeper into the blog for a more in depth look at my sessions and elopements.

Curious what my past couples are saying? Come on over and read their reviews.

A note about the 2019 Wedding season:

My wedding and elopement bookings for 2019 will be incredibly limited to a few couples per month. With an increased desire to pour more of my heart and intention into my work, paired with wanting to provide my couples with the absolute best care throughout the wedding season and thereafter, my calendar space for wedding and elopements will be limited.

reach out to inquire about remaining 2019 space as I do still have openings throughout the summer and into the fall

A note about session bookings for 2019:

I am booking portrait sessions all summer long! Get on my radar for the next coming months and let’s plan something together! I generally book portrait sessions 4-6 weeks out.

If you’re here for the 2020 Wedding season:

I am already half-booked for the 2020 wedding season, so please reach out if you’re wanting to talk more about your own marriage plans.


“We cannot say enough good things about Kaihla! She is so comfortable to work with, - on time, efficient and so amazingly talented. I recommend her to everyone I know.

We got our images back so quickly! Especially considering how many images we received back, it was really amazing how quickly she was able to get them back to us. I literally want to throw more parties and vow renewals just to have her take more photos of our us and our friends and family. Her images speak for themselves! We are obsessed!



One step ahead of you — answers to your questions

What can we expect for cost?
Over the last 6 years of shooting weddings and elopements, I’ve carefully curated a handful of thorough and need-based wedding collections, so whether you’re getting married in Calgary, in a different province, or in a different country altogether, I got you. My couples invest anywhere from $2,865 for an elopement, to $5,810 for a full wedding weekend, with a handful of options in between. Reach out for a more detailed breakdown of costs + collections.

Couple sessions begin at $500 for an evening of shooting + digital images.

Do you have reviews or testimonials from past couples?
I do! I’d love for you to scroll through their testimonials from our time together, so if you’re curious to what my past couples are saying, come on over and read their reviews.

Do you travel?
Yessss, I’ve shot more out of city/province over the last six seasons than I have in it. My pricing guidebook covers more specifics + other travel cost questions that you might have.

Help. We have no idea what we’re doing/where to start.

I’ve been there, and the overwhelm can be so real. I’m happy to help however I can, and would love to set up a quick facetime, phone call, or in person hang to walk through whatever questions and wonderings that you currently have—sometimes just chatting things through can make everything feel a little less overwhelming.

I’ve also curated a complete CLIENT CARE GUIDEBOOK that is going to guide you through this entire process! Once we start a conversation, I’ll be able to share that with you with the goal of helping to curb that stress and anxiety that might have started to creep up!

What do we wear for our engagement photos/session? 
Send me a note and I’ll send you my ‘client care guidebook’ — I’m happy to help however I can when it comes to styling/dressing; let’s talk more!

Do you offer mentoring?
My mentoring calendar for the Spring/Summer is full, but I do have space for one long-term intensive mentee this fall. Alternatively, I’m hosting The Curated Club, where we meet monthly and shoot together. For all other learning resources, head on over here.

“We loved working with Kaihla, she was amazing throughout the entire process and was very easy to communicate with. We're so happy we decided to have her shoot our wedding. She really captured the love, fun, and personality of our wedding and of us as a couple.

We have and will continue to recommend her to all of our newly engaged friends!”