Episode 005 - Postpartum Depression - Part Two


In the name of continuity, we decided to release part two of our Postpartum Depression episode this week instead of waiting until next Tuesday. If you're just coming across this now and haven't listened to part one, you can do that here. We've kept the resources down below if you need them or need to share them with someone you love.


www.postpartumprogress.com - This was the resource that we mentioned that did a great job at explaining the difference between postpartum anxiety and postpartum depression. 

Other resources that we talked about and/or wanted to share -

Sharon Storton (connect@sharonstorton.ca)
Petra Spletzer (numinacounselling.com)
Free resource (familiesmatter.ca)

Calgary based helplines:
Distress centre 403-266-1605
Access mental health 403-943-1500

Direct link to Episode two where we talk about what we though life would be like before Birdy, and what our reality actually turned out to be now that she's here. 

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