Minisode - So You Booked Your First Wedding...


Booking your first wedding is a huge achievement in and of itself, so congratulations! But now that you've secured your first wedding couple, the actual task of completing your service as a photographer might seem daunting and overwhelming. 

We take a trip down memory lane and share my own first wedding experience (which is nothing like you'd expect it to be), as well as share some of our top tips for you as you go into your first ever wedding!


Are you ready to see some of MY VERY FIRST wedding images that I ever shot?? These were taken in 2013. I can remember taking these + absolutely loving them after getting home and looking at them on my computer. These were some of my favourites at the time; I'll never forget this day or these incredible people who treated us like family the whole time we were in the DR with them. You really never forget your first wedding clients. 

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Intro/outro music by Ty Sander
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