Episode 15 - We Were Accused of Stealing Their Wedding Plans


Would you believe it if I told you that I got a threatening phone call at the beginning stages of our wedding planning and was told to change our wedding venue and vision? Ohhh you better believe that it's true. Can't believe it? I still can't either. 

On top of sharing that story, we also wanted to walk you through some practical planning tips for curating your ideal wedding, how to do so in a budget-friendly way, and which things you should think about planning and confirming first. 

As mentioned in today's episode, we also wanted to share a curated list of other wonderful outdoor/camp-viby wedding + elopement venues in case you are stuck when it comes to finding a place that really feels right and true to you both; brace yourselves for a long list!

You can browse all things "Barefoot Bride" here if you haven't before seen all of my wedding planning posts from a few years ago!

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