Episode 010 - Attracting Your Dream Clients


Are you working more hours than you want in your business and still just managing to just stay afloat? Are you longing to adore your job and work alongside of your ideal clientele? 

You--and you alone--have the power to build a business however you would like to. You can work entirely with your dreamiest clients if you're willing to put in the work, commit to the changes, and really truly invest in yourself. 


I couldn't find the blog post that I had mentioned in today's episode (it might have gotten lost when I made my website hosting switch, but I did find this excerpt from another one of my own posts and it really relates to what we were talking about in regards to being professional. 

"I believe in professionalism, but I also believe in people. I believe in the power of connecting with someone; in interacting as a real human being with them and always standing beside them as opposed to ahead or above them. I believe in speaking from a place of truth and transparency, and in turn allowing them the opportunity to do the same. I believe in trust. I believe that often times the camera catches emotions and glimpses into the soul that the outside world isn't quick enough to catch, and that's honestly when I find you in your most beautiful version of yourself."

Emily's visual branding program that we spoke about in today's episode.

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