Episode 011 - Does Goal Setting Even Matter?


Where do you stand when it comes to goal setting? Are you someone who really enjoys the thrill of a fresh start be it on Monday of a new week, or on January first of a new year? Or alternatively, do you prefer not utilizing an arbitrary number on a calendar to mark your new beginnings? We feel that we're a bit of both, enjoying the freshness of a New Year, but also big fans of starting something new right here and right now if that's what feels best. 

This year we broke down goal setting in a bit of a new way; with the help of the goal-building structure in my new planner, we really broke down our short and long term goals with the hopes of channelling this planning into real-life goal crushing that will carry us through the months and years to come. Scroll to the end of this post for resources mentioned in today's episode. 


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