Episode 004 - Postpartum Depression - Part One


It's here. The episode that has almost been looming over us ever since we started Gather + Grow--partially because I think there's a part of me (Kaihla) that is for the first time in a long time, feeling the vulnerability that's coming along with sharing this much of my story with the world. It's not often that I get nervous to share with you guys, but this one has affected me so deeply, that it's almost frightening to let a piece of it go and put it out for others to be a part of. 

As scary as it may feel to share, I'm doing it for me; I'm doing it to honour what I've gone through and where I am now.
I'm doing it for you; I'm doing it so that even on your darkest days, you will know that you are never alone and that I'm right there walking alongside of you.
I'm doing it for Birdy; I'm doing it so that she sees that we should always feel our feelings, ease into them and ride them out with uncertainty yet understanding; and, knowing that in doing so, we are able to bring the world a little closer together. 

Come back in two weeks time for part two of this two part episode.
Please find all the info that we referenced down below, as well as online and local to Calgary resources and helplines. 


www.postpartumprogress.com - This was the resource that we mentioned that did a great job at explaining the difference between postpartum anxiety and postpartum depression. 

Other resources that we talked about and/or wanted to share -

Sharon Storton (connect@sharonstorton.ca)
Petra Spletzer (numinacounselling.com)
Free resource (familiesmatter.ca)

Calgary based helplines:
Distress centre 403-266-1605
Access mental health 403-943-1500

Direct link to Episode two where we talk about what we though life would be like before Birdy, and what our reality actually turned out to be now that she's here. 


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