MINISODE - The Power of Our Morning Meetings


Staying on track in business can be HARD; thankfully for me (Kaihla), I am so lucky to have a partner who is great at keeping us on task, motivated, and conscious of what's going on in various avenues of our business. Every Monday morning, we have a meeting where we talk about all that's going on in work and life, and then divide the to-dos into manageable chunks that we can conquer throughout the week. 


On top of the morning meetings, we've also come up with a business tool that we've been using continually for the past two years which has really aided us in staying on track with our work as well as continuing to grow our business. 

Like we mentioned in today's episode, we are working on a complete workflow package to release to you all later this fall which will include a plethora of items AS WELL AS printables of my top 5 clipboard topics so that you can implement this structure into your own business workflow. Stick around the podcast on iTunes or with us over on Instagram so that you don't miss that when it's released. 

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