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Editing has always been one of my favourite parts of being a photographer, but I’ll never forget how lost I first felt when I was navigating the world of presets, styles, and trends in the beginning years of my business. Without any idea as to where to begin—especially if we haven’t worked at cultivating our brand yet—editing can seem like a mountain that’s simply too big to climb.

Finding a personal style is hard, but it’s also something that shouldn’t be so hard that you feel paralyzed at the thought of even beginning to work on; which is why I wanted to develop this base coloured preset to share if you are feeling a little (or a lot) of overwhelm when it comes to editing, and just aren’t sure where to go from here.


There are so many wonderful preset packs out there—lots which I have bought and customized to suit my own needs and shooting style—but I wanted to share something that you could tweak and play around with right now, without worrying about spending a huge price tag on something that you might not even end up using or falling in love with.

Scroll all the way down to read my FAQs and find the answers to the questions already swirling around in your creative little brain.


Examples of the preset used on a few of my own images:



Who/what is this preset for?

My preset is best for RAW images, edited in Lightroom (the desktop/computer version), and anyone has access to the free download. The preset comes in both an .xmp and .lrtemplate file (it will work on both Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic CC). Make sure that your Lightroom is updated to the latest/newest version for best install results.

***this is not a mobile preset/isn’t created to work on the free Lightroom mobile app. This is a preset designed to work best on .RAW image files and edited on Lightroom Classic/CC.

What images does it work best on?

Although it’s a simple preset, I tried making it relatively versatile. I personally use it to edit both indoor and outdoor images, but much like any preset, keep in mind that our shooting conditions are never going to be exactly the same, nor does the light up here in Calgary, Alberta behave anything close to the light the further that you travel South. I have a blogpost coming soon all about the truth about presets and why we shouldn’t think of them as a one-stop solution to success, so I’ll be sure to share more on that once it’s published.

How do you set up your camera when shooting?

I shoot RAW, underexpose my images, and always use Kelvin white balance. You don’t have to shoot the same way in order for the preset to work on your images, but keep in mind that this preset—nor any preset that you ever download—is going to turn a blurry, low-technical, way under or overexposed image into a dreamy shot. Presets should be a mid-process/final step, not a one click answer to all of life’s problems.

How do I install it?

Check your email! Once you download the preset, a backup download link will be emailed to you, as well as a PDF with installation instructions. There is also an install guide in your download .zip file.

Still have something that you’re wondering about that wasn’t answered here?

Email me, I gotchu.