Sparrow Canvas

Sparrow Canvas


As part of my website re-launch series of promos, the Sparrow Canvas is + will be on sale from January 17th until January 21st).

This item is made to order, please allow up to 5 business days for production.

Sparrow is our wanderlust canvas; transporting us back to our fondest memories.

Once you purchase the canvas, please SUBMIT the high resolution digital image that you're wanting printed to, I will send you a confirmation email with a test image of your print (since there might be slight cropping to your digital file to fit the canvas' dimensions) and then you're product will head into production!


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Sparrow is how we choose to bring our favourite images--in the most tangible form--out of the digital devices and into our homes. Sparrow reminds us how important it is to display our memories in our favourite spaces so that we can enjoy them daily.

Each and every one of our canvas hangers is individually handcrafted in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, in-house production, and quality of our finished product.

Sparrow consist of a fine art premium canvas hung between a pair of handcrafted solid walnut brackets. We use two solid brass fasteners to sandwich the bracket halves together, allowing the canvas to naturally hang on the wall from an attached leather lace.

After check out, please submit your desired high resolution image via email or drop box to with reference to your order number.

Please note that the image could be slightly cropped to fit the 14" x 20" ratio. If image is cropped we will email a print preview of your canvas for confirmation before completing your order.

• Walnut
• Brass
• Leather
• Canvas Print

• 14" x 20" (print size: portrait or landscape)
• 16.5" x 22" (overall size)

**Please keep in mind that every piece of wood utilized in handcrafting your Sparrow canvas hanger is entirely unique; therefore every single hanger will vary in wood grain and colouring.