You’re the best.

Thank you for doing this.


Whewwww, I can't believe we're this close!!

I just need to pop in and gather a good chunk of info from you guys to make sure I know all there is to know for the day of.

If you don't yet know the answer to some of the following questions you can definitely leave them blank and we'll try and sort those details out as soon as you know them, otherwise please try and fill out all of the following info as BEST + thoroughly as you can.

I KNOW that this is a lot of info, but it's all a crucial part in organizing the timing of your day and all of that good stuff. Pour yourself a coffee or beer or wine or margarita (yummmm), throw on a record, snuggle up, and power through it--I believe in you!

ex. Kaihla + Mark
If you have one laid out somewhere, feel free to email that over to me! The more detailed, the better. Alternatively, if you need a hand putting one together, just let me know and I can help you out!
Makeup artist? Hair stylist? Wedding coordinator? Rentals? DJ/band? Florist? Anyone else?
This could be your maid of honour or best (wo)man, a trusted friend, family member, etc - just anyone that would be reachable on the day of if need be so that I don't have to both you two with any situations that might arise.