You’re the best.

Thank you for doing this.


Okay, here's the fun part. I know this questionnaire is a little lengthy, BUT I promise that it's really going to help build that foundation for our shooting time together, PLUS who doesn't want to reminisce a little on their journey thus far?

Pour yourself your favourite drink, and sit down whenever you have some spare time before our session date and fill out your questionnaires separately; I can't wait to read your responses!

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Your name
K, I’ve told hardly anyone about this, but I used to lie to everyone about where Mark and I first met because I didn’t want them to know that we met at a grungy bar at my University campus haha no judgement over here!
For me? Bad reality TV or cheesy show (Gilmore Girls, anyone?), binge eating candy, early 2000s hip-hop/rap, to name a few haha.
What re-inspires you or makes you the most happy? Is it time with each other? Alone time? Working out? Reading? Travel? Time with friends?