You’re the best.

Thank you for doing this.


Okay friends, we're doing this! When you have a few minutes to do so, grab a drink and sit down together to fill this out before our time together. I want to be able to serve you guys to the very best of my ability, which is exactly what your answers to these questions will help me do!

ex. Mark + Kaihla
Obviously we we are going to find a location that will be perfect for you considering the area we have to work with; but, for example is there a location or environment that you think you two would be more yourselves in? Any places that mean a lot to you two + your relationship?
Ideally, we’re going for soft and low light, so we can either plan to start shooting an hour and half before the sun sets, or 20-30 minutes before the sun rises.
Bring some cider? Beer? Coffee? Snacks? Rap music from the 2000s? You name it, and I got you!