Create Better Content - A Smartphone Photo Guide

Create Better Content - A Smartphone Photo Guide


This is a guide on creating better content with your smartphone, including how to take good photos in various lighting conditions, how I edit my smartphone images,  and my own tips + tricks. Whether your a creative entrepreneur looking to up your content-creation game, or simply someone who would like to take better photos with your phone, this guide is geared for anyone with a smartphone.

This guide is for you if:
You want to boost your iphone image game
- Want to improve your content without having to always carry a “professional” camera around
- Want to learn how to make your Instagram grid flow
- Need help with integrating your personal, work, and other areas of your life into your social media feeds
- Or simply if you’ve been feeling like Instagram has been more of a chore lately, and you want to get back to enjoying posting again

BONUS CONTENT including how to beautifully integrate your images into your social media feeds in a way that reflects your brand.

In this course we'll go over:
Various tips and tricks to take better smartphone images right now with the phone that you currently own
- Managing smartphone lens distortion
- How to compensate for colour casts
- The apps and preset(s) that I use to edit my own images
- How I curate my social media grids and make my Instagram flow together

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