Create Your Own Client Care Guidebook

Create Your Own Client Care Guidebook

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Have you ever photographed a session, but didn’t leave it feeling quite as inspired or excited as you would have wished? 

Or were you ever disappointed partway through a session because it didn’t feel as though you and your couple (or subject(s)) just weren’t connected as much as you were hoping to?

you’re here because you need to make some sort of shift in your client communication processes; maybe there’s something that just feels off, or perhaps you are just craving a step in your own business growth, but aren’t sure how to make that happen

This guide is everything that you need to give your client interactions just the boost that you’re looking for by learning how to better manage expectations, coach your clients into having an incredible session with you, and of course aid them in learning what sorts of things they should be keeping in mind when it comes to choosing outfits for their sessions. 

What’s Included:
This 22 page guidebook that not only gives you the tools to create your own client guidebook, but it also gives you a complete walkthrough of my exact client care guidebook, page by page. It’s instantly downloadable in PDF format.

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