Customizable Email Templates

Customizable Email Templates


Writing emails can be really hard; especially so when you have a potential booking client on the other end. How do you communicate effectively, share a look into who you are, reciprocating the pieces that they are sharing with you, all the while trying to secure their booking?

I’ve always adored writing, it’s been an extension of who I am ever since I was little; and although I’ve had to learn over the last ten years to refine my communication skills when it comes to client communications, I quickly fell into my own communication groove, striking that tricky balance between infusing who you are into your emails and also converting inquiries into paying clients. 

This guide is for those of you who might not always be able to quite find the words that you’re looking for, or for those of you who are simply looking to hone in on your email writing skills.

The guide covers emails including:

  • how to respond to an initial inquiry

  • when they tell you you’re too much for their budget

  • when they just aren’t the right fit for you

  • when you’ve been ghosted; how to follow up

  • and so many more

If you’re looking for ways to implement these emails into customized workflows that suit your business, I’d encourage you to pair this with my “Workflow Guidebook” that you can also find in my online shop - it teaches you how to seamlessly blend these emails into your workflow systems, as well as how to automate parts of your business in order to get your time back and continue living this wonderful life away from the screen. 

Download includes the templates in PDF, .docx, and .pages formats.

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****This guide + templates is included in the Workflow Guidebook;
head on over there if you’d like to give your business an additional boost by purchasing the bundle.

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