Something wonderful happens when you allow people to simply “be”. Far too often there’s something in our lives that is trying to bend or conform us to a certain standard, tradition, or mindset, when in reality all we’re truly searching for is the freedom to find comfort in doing things our own way. I believe that if we pay attention to the people that we’re interacting with, give them the space to embrace the wonderfully wild and courageous mess that they are, treat them as human beings as opposed to clients, an incredible foundation of trust and understanding begins to unfold. This is what I aim to create with all of my couples.

Yes, I’m going to capture your family portraits and the standard details of your day; but more importantly, I want to work at building your trust so that you also let me in to capture that intimate connection that you share with your partner. I want to capture that feeling of coming home; of being wholeheartedly at peace in the arms of the one person on this planet who has aided you in coming home to the truest version of yourself. I want to capture the planned and the not-so-planned, the messy tears, and wild hair, and the quiet-in-betweens. Those are the moments–and the images–that are going to bring you back to that exact time and place; those are the feelings that you never thought could be tangibly translated into imagery.


I believe in honouring who you are by giving you images that act as a dwelling place, a complete haven of comfort and confidence; a place that you can return to whenever you need to be reminded of who you are, and whenever you want to be reminded of how you felt, in that exact moment, being the truest version of yourself.