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Forks Over Knives

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Thoughts/fears about having other children?

Definitely feeling as though I was making a decision that could ultimately lead to giving myself postpartum depression again - Mark and I had a really big conversation around this as it was a huge fear of mine

Simply not being able to handle having more than one - having one kid has already been really tough on me; and there are lots of times where I really don’t feel as though I was ever cut out to do this. Ultimately though, the only thing that we were certain of was that we didn’t want Birdy to be an only child, so we used that as our guide and kind of decided everything else around that.

I would love to hear your story of why you decided to become vegan! And tips on going vegan!

I think it was a pretty big mix of factors that eventually slowly came together and once we took a step back and looked at everything, being vegan seemed like the most reasonable outcome.

I feel like the very first indication or thought was that we simply slowed down on our meat consumption when we first started living together just because meat was so expensive to buy; gradually over the years, we would eat a little less and less, but were still fully immersed in consuming animal products.

We had tried going vegetarian/vegan probably almost five years ago, but literally knew nothing about it, nor did I like cooking then as much as I do now, so it seemed to have not gone really well at all. Looking back now, i think it was also pretty hard because at that point, I don’t think we were either/both comfortable in ourselves and knowing ourselves well enough to believe firmly in such a life decision, so it just seemed like the timing wasn’t right for us then.

Fast forward to a couple of years ago, we basically reduced our animal product diets to cheese, milk, yogurt, and we would consume meat whenever we were at any of our family’s houses for a meal. At that point, I had also started following a few instagram accounts who promote a vegan lifestyle, so I just became increasingly interested in looking further into it. I was nervous to fully jump into vegan education in the forms of documentaries and books, but Mark and I both felt that we needed to make a commitment, one way or the other, at that point.

Birdy was probably one of the final factors that solidified our decision to become vegan fully. We talked a lot about how we wanted to raise her and how we wanted to aid her in seeing the world. We would run into conflicts between our dreams for her and our own actions when we would say that we want her to love and respect the earth and all living things, while simultaneously consuming animal products in our own home. We couldn’t reason how it would make sense to a child to raise them to love animals, while also giving them animals as a part of their meals. There was just a huge disconnect there for us.

Lastly, we decided to take the plunge and jump head first into learning more about the effects of consuming animal products in multiple areas like cruelty, sustainability, resources, politics, and everything in between. We started with focusing on health and wellness (like Forks over Knives), moved into learning about how animal product consumption is killing our planet (like Cowspiracy), and eventually went all the way into animal cruelty (like the documentary Earthlings).

Tips on goings vegan:

Start slow so that you don’t overwhelm yourself and follow some inspiring accounts that post easy meal ideas

Don’t be afraid to play around in the kitchen/experiment

Don’t feel like you just need to substitute vegan alternatives for the meals that you are used to eating - I think a lot of time we get stuck thinking that meals have to look a certain way, so when it comes to substituting things directly across the board we can get stuck - learn to think differently about your food

Watch, read, and learn whatever you can. I think that having a reason for why you’re making the decision to be vegan is really important in following through and not flipping back and forth because you’re out and about and forgot to bring food or because grabbing animal products are more accessible.

Try it and just see how your body reacts/how you feel ;)

What were some things you made sure you did while pregnant?

  1. I’m not 100% sure the direction that this question was intended to go in, so I’ll share my interpretation and hopefully that answers it for you.

  2. In terms of nutrition, the biggest thing was just taking prenatal vitamins before and throughout being pregnant/into breastfeeding. It’s easy to plan to eat healthy throughout your pregnancy, but sometimes we don’t have a choice with our nausea or with how we’re feeling and we find ourselves eating bowls of cereal for supper for a week straight. My vitamins were a good way to ensure that I was getting most of the nutrients that I was needing.

  3. On top of diet and nutrition, I also tried to maintain exercise and movement for as long as I could. Again, this typically didn’t work too well during the first couple of months since I didn’t feel like doing much of anything during that time, but once my energy picked back up in the second trimester I was able to start short daily workouts and walks again, which really made me feel better.

  4. Going to a chiropractor saved my body when I was pregnant - I had awful round ligament pain and horrible back pain during pregnancy, so going to a good chiropractor honestly made my life so much more enjoyable

  5. Healthy Birth Choices birthing classes

What are the main things you edit in lightroom, or tweak on a preset?

I actually have a whole blogpost + all about this if your curious to see how I typically tweak my own preset.

How do you learn to attract the type of clients you wanted?

I have actually curated whole branding guide all about this! If you’re curious, it’s called “Build a Lasting Brand by Being Yourself”, and I’ve literally crammed every “secret” that I’ve infused into my own business into the guide.

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