Unearthed Series - I was made fun of by my own business mentor

UNEARTHED - shaking loose from the limiting business beliefs and giving you the space to strengthen and expand your roots in a healthy and sustainable way.

Honestly, I am SO excited that you are here. If you're here for the regular-ol emails and aren't interested in this word-packed entrepreuneur-focused messages, please bare with me and just disregard the emails that I have coming your way for the next 5 weeks or so (it'll only be about 5/6 emails). Thank you!!

Otherwise, if you're ready to dive deep into my brand new, 100% FREE email series, then let's get into it.

When my new website launched back in January of 2019, I had this vision of it being a haven where anyone could show up to and feel comfortable, encouraged, and supported in, regardless of whether they were a fellow entrepreneur or a potential client, and no matter how they were choosing to show up.


I’ve built my business around the crucial moral foundation of accepting and listening to whoever shows up for me, and in whatever state they choose to show up in. I’ve been misunderstood. I’ve been spoken over. I’ve been made fun of for being myself;

For being too quiet.
For being too passive.
For not wanting to do what everyone else was doing.

And do you want to know the most ironic part?

This unwavering belief and vow to myself and all who cross my path was born after I was made fun of in a public setting by my very own business mentor. I can remember exactly where I was, who was there, and I could even tell you what I was wearing that day; because that's how trauma works. That's how my introverted self categorizes traumatic moments from my past. That's how I know when situations, words, or actions will have a lasting imprint on me.

In that very moment, well over five years ago, I promised to do whatever I could within my power to never ever make anyone else feel the way that I felt.

As I prepped to release this brand new online space back in January, I was also in a mental space of not knowing how to proceed with my business; at my core, I did know where I wanted to continue to take things, but my outer self was being constantly peppered with ideologies that I needed to do things a certain way, that I need to act a certain way, and that I could really make it if I just altered a few of my practices and offerings.

Did you read that right?
I could really “make it” if I just changed a few things about myself and my business model.

According to all that I was seeing through social media, through the accounts that I had recently started to follow, through the sponsored posts that kept showing up for me, there were ways that I could do more, be more, make more, if I just altered a few things; adjusted how I was operating, tweaked pieces of myself, or stopped diving as deep when it comes to curating offerings.

It’s all right there,
Right at my fingertips.
Guides, freebies, courses, offerings.

What it felt like these accounts were telling me, was that supporting my family for the last six years wasn’t quite “enough”. That I could have so much more. 

It’s tempting right?
This idea of needing more.
Making more.
Being more.

It’s easy to get so caught up in having more; but what if I told you that what is right in front of you is already enough. 
Who you are is enough.
If you have one client, or ten clients, or one hundred clients, that is enough. 
You don’t need more, you simply need to learn how to show up in an honest and heartfelt way to those who are already here supporting and encouraging you. 

How can you serve yourself better?
How can you serve those who are already here better?

“More” is a never ending mental mindset of never being enough, and the harsh truth is that it’s a mindset that you will never be able to catch up to or outrun.

Thankfully, over the last eight years, I've been able to become so in tune with my own self that I was able to see the mental red flags as they started to show up whenever I would see these promises scattered throughout my social feeds. I’ve grown to know myself so well as an entrepreneur and as a person, that I was able to turn off the mindset of lack that was nagging at me with every scroll and come back home to my own purpose and business mindset; but even for me, this isn’t always the easiest thing to do. 

Coming back to my unwavering belief in that I promise to share, serve, and see you as you are and wherever you are in your journey, I wanted to cultivate something tangible and in real time that I could use as a vessel to show up for you in a way that doesn’t involve corralling you into an armful of false promises and sales pitches. 

If you’ve ever had the chance to work with me or even meet and converse with me, I hope that you were able to see a piece of my heart; I hope that you know how important this journey is for me. I hope that you felt seen, and heard, and valued, and appreciated. 

Being able to use my voice in a way that supports and encourages those who feel less-than, or lacking, or self-conscious, to continue to grow and show up and to be an entrepreneur even though they don’t feel as though they fit in with the “crowds” or “industry” is something that I will continue to do over and over and over again. It’s so incredibly important to me. 

Which brings me here, to this new email series that I am writing for you.

Unearthed is a completely free weekly email series that will show up directly into your inbox every single week. It’s a series that I’ve curated with the simple intention of helping you to shake loose from limiting business beliefs and giving you the space to strengthen your roots in a healthy and sustainable way.

Hopefully, hearing and resonating with the intention and reasoning behind my thoughts and desire to support entrepreneurs who might not feel as though there is a space for them to show up makes you even more excited for the email series I have planned for you.

Because even though the current state of what it appears to mean to be an entrepreneur today constantly reminds us that we aren’t quite enough, my goal throughout this series is to remind you, show you, and advocate for a truth that exemplifies that having a life that you love while operating a business that sustains your lifestyle isn’t out of reach, not for me and certainly not for you. 

Be sure to keep an eye on your inbox for the next email in the Unearthed series because I promise that it is never too late - there is so much encouragement, hope, healing, and growth to come. 

PS: While you’re waiting for the next piece of this series to unfold, I’d LOVE for you to hit “reply” to this email or to send me a message on Instagram to let me know what thoughts have already spoken to you and what you are most excited about to dig deeper into.

With you,
encouraging you,
seeing you,