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it’s time to shake loose from the limiting business beliefs that are holding you back, and create the space to strengthen your roots in a healthy and sustainable way.


I’ve built my business around the crucial moral foundation of accepting and listening to whoever shows up for me, and in whatever state they choose to show up in.

I’ve been misunderstood.
I’ve been spoken over.
I’ve been made fun of for being myself;
For being too quiet.
For being too passive.
For not wanting to do what everyone else was doing.

You too?
I get it. I see you. You are worthy. You are enough.
Please, don’t ever believe otherwise.


 And do you want to know the most ironic part?
This unwavering belief and vow to myself and all who cross my path was born after I was made fun of in a public setting by my very own business mentor.

In that very moment, well over five years ago, I promised to do whatever I could within my power to never ever make anyone else feel the way that I felt.

Mentoring quickly became a lifeblood for me and my business six years ago, and to this day, there are few things that I am more passionate about than being an educator. I’ve been a mentor to small groups, co-taught throughout a three day workshop, educated in short-term one-on-one settings, and have mentored business owners throughout my five-week intensive branding program.


Although I adore mentoring in whatever shape it shows up as for me, I find the most connection, shifts, and transformative growth through longer term mentoring opportunities.

As an introvert who thrives on in-depth connection, focusing on one person over an extended period of time allows us both to dive deeper into who you are, what you’re currently offering, what we envision your business growing into, and most importantly, how we can do all of these things in a way that is true and meaningful to you. By working one-on-one, I’m able to hone in on your uniqueness + one-of-a-kind business needs, which is something that isn’t always possible in a group/workshop setting.


 Unearthed is a five week one-on-one in-depth mentoring program focused on giving you the tools to create, grow, and manage a healthy and sustainable business that reflects who you are and what you believe in. This mentoring program is open to anyone world-wide, as all of our meetings will be happening digitally via facetime or skype.

Unearthed intertwines the development of a belief statement reflective of your own personal core-truth and the practical hands-on business tools that you need to move forward in a way that is effective and sustainable. 


For six years, I’ve coached small business owners with my own method of diving deep into the core of who you are in order to curate a belief statement that will drive business decisions - big or small - from here on out, as well as aid in speaking directly to your own ideal clientele. 

With my brand new program - Unearthed - I’m taking the program many steps further, and braiding the development of your own unique belief statement with practical hands-on tools and systems to build and sustain an unshakable business foundation.




Mentoring Program Breakdown

I’m laying it all out here for you so that you know what to expect right from the beginning; no surprises, no tricks, no hidden agendas, nothing held back. This is it. My promise to you is to be transparent from start to finish, and far beyond.

What’s Included?

- Five 60 minute structured facetime calls - think of this as a workshop, but instead of working amongst multiple other entrepreneurs, I can focus all of my attention on you. The course structure and breakdown is explained further down below.

- Physical handouts and workbook that will be mailed to you prior to the start of your program

- Ongoing email access support

- Follow up check in call 60 days after the program is finished

- Complimentary access to in-person one day retreat happening on July 11, 2020 - all you have to do is get here, the rest of the in-person retreat is on me!

What is the Timeline?

There are four opportunities to commit to working one-on-one with me:

  • The first mentoring term starts in October and runs through until the end of November

  • The second mentoring term starts in December and runs through until the end of January

  • The third mentoring term starts in February and runs through until the end of March

  • The fourth and final term starts in April and runs through until the end of May.

***There is only room for two mentees per term and will book on a first-come, first-served basis. When registration opens on September 25th at 10am MST, you will be able to register for any of the four terms; once registration closes on September 27th at 10am MST, no other mentoring applications for the entire 2019/2020 season will be accepted.

What is the Cost?

The entire mentoring program - complete with the complimentary one-day retreat on July 11, 2020 in Calgary, Alberta - costs $1,800 + GST (Canadian).

A deposit of $500 will be due upon registration with the remaining balance due prior to our first call together.

Other Things to Note?

The entire balance of the program must be paid in full prior to the start of your mentorship program, so those who sign up later in the year will have more time to collect the full balance compared to those who sign up for the first few slots — however, since the first two mentees with sessions beginning in October will have less time time to make their payments, I will be gifting you my complete session and wedding questionnaires and a bonus gift for those who register for the first time.

Payment plans are available upon request.


Your Program - A Complete Overview

Alright, you want the details? Here is a brief overview of the entire program call schedules - each week will be focused on varying areas of your business, while simultaneously working together to dig deep in order to uncover the elements that I need to curate your personal and one-of-a-kind belief statement.


Introduction into the program and deep dive into the current state of your brand and business

This call is paired with business set-up tangibles and corresponding homework in line with your belief statement development.


Honing in on your ideal client + breaking through limiting beliefs

This week, we’re going to be working together to hone in on your ideal client and uncover why you haven’t been able to attract them as well as you would like to (& yes! I promise that your ideal client exists where you live!).

We’ll also be doing a website review and adjustment together, where we can see what’s working well (& what maybe isn’t so much) and take effective steps to make some shifts.

Using the homework assignment you were given last week, we’re going to be beginning to work through that together as the starting steps for cultivating your belief statement.


Setting up for sustainability (SEO)

One whole call on SEO? Why?

Because this is one of the very best ways that you can get your business to work for & with you, without having to be glued to a phone or computer every waking minute.

I’ve developed a process that gives you practical steps that you can begin implementing TODAY.

I’m sharing it all - including how I got my blog posts and ideal client resources as the FIRST link on Google (as the top Google recommendation) in just four weeks.

We’ll also be continuing on with your belief statement cultivation for a portion of this call


Showing up as the true you: how to manage content and consistency

This week we’re going to be going over all of the ways that you can begin showing up in a more authentic + honest way in all that you do.

When you’re being yourself and sharing your true heart and purpose, people can feel it. The energy that you’re outputting doesn’t lie, and once you’re able to harness the energy and business foundation that feels true to you, things will begin to shift immediately for you.


Managing the Hustle + Integrating Boundaries

Without proper business boundaries, there’s a risk that you’ll run your business and more importantly, your passion, into the ground.

There’s a time and place for boundaries, just as there is a time and a place for hustling.

We’re going to be implementing a healthier structure into your workflow, as well as going over client interactions and managing expectations.

Your custom curated belief statement will also be shared with you in this call, and we’ll go over where, when, and how to begin integrating it into your life and business moving forward.



In addition to the calls that we’ll be sharing each week, you will also be coached through weekly homework and assignments in your own tangible workbook, will have follow-along resources mailed out to you prior to the program start date, and will also be given tangible resources that i’ve developed that will help you shift into a more purposeful and sustainable business structure.


Recap + Details

five 60 minute calls

physical hand outs and workbook

complimentary ecourse inclusion

ongoing email access support

check in call 60 days post completion

complimentary admission to in person, all-inclusive alumni retreat on July 11, 2020.


***enrolment opens on September 25th at 10am MST and closes on September 27th at 10am MST
***payment plans available upon request